Brand Disclosing a new brand slogan and brand personality
2020. 08. 25

With the firm determination to innovate the logistics industry and transform itself into a centennial enterprise Disclosing a new brand slogan and brand personality

CJ Logistics, which delivers love, joy and happiness to customers around the world, announced 5 new brand personalities and a new brand slogan reflecting its brand vision to reinforce communication with customers.


The 5 brand personalities are based on its core competencies. They are the core values derived from the expected value of customers, such as ‘convenient logistics service giving trust and joy,’ and the vision of the logistics industry, i.e. ‘logistics service optimized for customers on the basis of automation technology.’ In the future, CJ Logistics is planning to capitalize on the 5 brand personalities to engage in brand communication in earnest. Let’s take a closer look at associated businesses and the message delivered by each brand personality.


INNOVATIVE is a value that represents the advanced logistics technology and innovative services of CJ Logistics. It embodies the ambition to provide quick and accurate logistics service using the TES-based innovative logistics technology, the core competency of CJ Logistics. LEADING means the will of CJ Logistics to stand out as a leader in global logistics. It will publicize the power of K-logistics to the world by providing one-stop logistics service connecting the world as one. TRUSTWORTHY expresses its pride as a trustworthy partner of customers and a logistics company that provides quick, accurate and safe service. The infrastructure of CJ Logistics, e.g. Asia’s largest automation center and its customized logistics solution that understands customer needs, and its service will give trust and security to customers.

JOYFUL represents CJ Logistics, a deliverer of love, joy and happiness, which has always been a partner of customers. It will quickly realize the values pursued by customers nimbly responding to the changing life, circumstances and trends of customers, and go beyond parcels and transform itself into a service specialist delivering its heart and happiness. COOPERATIVE represents the social responsibility of CJ Logistics that grows with customers, local communities and society. Through various social contribution activities, e.g. senior parcel delivery, creation of urban forests and sports sponsorship, CJ Logistics will grow into an enterprise that coexists with people.


The new brand slogan WE DESIGN LOGISTICS was derived easily and simply expressed the 5 brand personalities of CJ Logistics to customers and consumers. The new brand slogan contains not only the values of CJ Logistics, but also the identity and confidence of a customer-oriented global logistics company.


WE DESIGN LOGISTICS’describes the innovative logistics paradigm and the future of logistics that which has led the history of Korean logistics, will make based on its 90 years of history. Logistics refers to the entire process of logistics delivery until parcels are delivered at the request of a customer. The new brand slogan goes beyond the meaning of providing highly professional logistics service, and contains the meaning of designing a systematic supply chain that can comprehensively manage logistics processes and enhance customer satisfaction. CJ Logistics will use the newly announced brand personalities and brand slogan to develop various brand stories and increase communication with customers.

CJ Logistics will lead global logistics (LEADING) by designing innovative logistics processes (INNOVATIVE), and promotes shared growth with the local community (COOPERATIVE) by providing quick, safe and trustworthy services (TRUSTWORTHY), and delivering love, joy and happiness (JOYFUL). Please cheer the challenge and innovation. CJ Logistics is prepared for transformation into a centennial enterprise with its new brand identity!

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