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Preserve Safely
2021. 07. 30

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has resulted in the convergence of the supply chain with an advanced system, thus creating a new logistics business. One of the core technologies of this is the cold chain system. Let’s check out the current state of the cold chain system that protects health and safety as well as the specialized system implemented by CJ Logistics.

The cold chain system : A smart logistics service


A cold chain system maintains the freshness and quality of food and groceries from producer to consumer. With the news constantly reporting that it is most important to maintain a low temperature for the safe transport and storage of COVID-19 vaccines, cold chain has now become a logistics term familiar to the general public as well. We now know that cold chain is used in various fields, such as vaccines, chemicals, electronics, and flowers in addition to food and groceries.

These days, cold chain systems are being upgraded by performing various tasks such as a reform of cold storage technology, use of eco-friendly refrigerants and insulation, and energy reduction in the refrigerating system. Moreover, temperature-sensitive products are managed more smartly in combination with AI and IoT. Considering that the consumer preference for fresh foods is increasing and that biomedicines will take up half of the 100 major global medicines by 2022, the role of the cold chain system will continue to grow even bigger.

CJ Logistics' full cold chain system with excellent temperature control


The most important thing about cold chain is to maintain the optimum temperature for each product from beginning to end. The CJ Logistics’ Cool Guardian System is an IoT-based cold chain solution for real-time management of temperature and humidity at logistics centers and low-temperature cargo boxes. This system has been applied to the cold chain fulfillment center in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do that is set to open in collaboration with Naver. With services specialized for low-temperature products, cold chain specialists will carry out the entire logistics process according to the storage temperature of each product.
CJ Logistics’ packaging solution Smart Cube is also leading the advancement of cold chain. This solution maintains the optimum temperature for temperature-sensitive products like medicines for up to 100 hours. This solution uses special containers that are strongly insulated, and that are also reusable, thus helpful to the environment.

Promoting cold chain logistics partnerships


CJ Logistics is building cold chain logistics partnerships with companies across a variety of fields. One of them is the Amazing Brewing Company, which offers a variety of flavors and aromas in the craft beer market, which is showing an annual growth of 40-60%. The beer freshly brewed at the brewery maintains the temperature at about 2-10 degrees at the cold storage center in Dongtan.

The company shares cold chain operation know-how and technology with Market Kurly and has expanded the scope of Saetbyul Delivery that had been focused on the capital areas to Chungcheong province. This will also continue to expand throughout the nation. A Wiseapp/Wiseretail survey estimated that the payments made on Market Kurly in the first half of 2021 is 684.8 billion KRW, showing a 67% increase year on year. This proves the increased consumer dependence on online markets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CJ Logistics is promoting cold chain logistics partnerships with not only Market Kurly but also many other fresh food companies with early morning delivery.

CJ Logistics is also establishing itself as an innovative logistics company overseas. CJ Logistics America is enhancing its cold chain logistics competency based on the three-year strategic plan. The company will secure its place in the cold chain logistics market based on CJ Logistics America’s reliable know-how and extensive network.
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CJ Logistics will open up a new era of logistics in time for Logistics 4.0 based on constant R&D of the cold chain system using advanced logistics technology.

Image source : Market Kurly (YouTube), Amazing Brewing Company (Instagram)

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