Business CJ Logistics’ Eco-friendly Packaging Solution for a Sustainable Future
2021. 07. 30

As contact-free consumption increases due to COVID-19, packaging materials and technology are also changing. CJ Logistics is taking the initiative in ‘zero waste’ with minimal packaging that uses eco-friendly packaging materials. Let’s check out the company’s practices and achievements in green logistics from the development of eco-friendly packaging materials to smart packaging solutions with state-of-the-art technology.

Packaging materials are essential to move beyond eco-friendly environment


Many companies in Korea and the world are seeking the development and use of packaging materials using eco-friendly materials to minimize environmental pollution and waste of resources. Ranpak, a company in the Netherlands that produces packaging materials and machinery, developed a type of bubble wrap and filling materials made with corn, including kraft paper that uses a honeycomb structure. New Zealand’s fresh burger brand Better Burger made wafer paper from potato starch and edible ink in celebration of Earth Day 2018. Coca-Cola Kazakhstan presented the eco-friendly package of popular beverage Fusetea, taking the initiative in developing eco-friendly packaging materials.

Korean companies are also actively developing eco-friendly packaging materials. Global culture and lifestyle company CJ CheilJedang adopted food packaging materials using biodegradable materials (PHA, PLA). PHA is biodegradable not just in soil but also in the ocean, and it is expected to reduce approximately 50 tons of plastic use a year.

CJ Logistics is also striving to protect the environment and develop recyclable packaging materials so that they can fulfill their social responsibility as a logistics company and take the lead in ESG management. The company accelerates its pace by developing eco-friendly paper fill materials together with Moorim Paper and applying it to logistics settings while also adopting eco-friendly packaging processes.

CJ Logistics' eco-friendly packaging materials to protect
the environment and increase productivity


CJ Logistics began to change all its filling and packaging materials as well as the tape required in packaging to paper materials and applied this to logistics settings. In particular, for filling materials that are used to fill up the empty spaces in the box to prevent damage, the company uses paper that combines eco-friendly paper development technology and sealing technology instead of plastic or vinyl.

The eco-friendly fill made with 100% paper and barrier coating can endure weight very well and provides excellent protection. The sealed areas can also be ripped easily, making it easy to reduce volume in disposal, and can even be recycled. One-touch boxes that have reduced tape use by 50% and can be recycled by using eco-friendly adhesives are also effective in eco-friendly items. They are more durable than general boxes and reduce up to 65% of packaging time, thereby improving both the environment and productivity.

"Go Green!" CJ Logistics is pursuing the eco-friendly smart packaging solution


CJ Logistics is cooperating closely with clients to create an environment for green logistics. The company recently implemented the eco-friendly smart packaging solution at its Gunpo Center with Naver to expand the scope of its fulfillment services. This solution automatically unfolds the box that is most suitable for the product size and bundle, measures empty spaces with the vision scanner, and puts paper filling materials inside, thereby preventing excessive packaging.

Global network marketing company ATOMY also adopted the eco-friendly smart packaging solution with CJ Logistics. They replaced not only their plastic filling and tape but also individual product packaging materials with paper, through which they could reduce approximately 230 tons of plastic a year. This is a good example of improving productivity while also fulfilling social responsibility using an advanced green logistics process.
Video : CJ Logistics | Baekam ATOMY Center: The Ins and Outs of e-Fulfillment

CJ Logistics continues to strive for the establishment of green logistics processes. This will help the company promote a shift in the logistics environment and fulfill its social responsibility.

Image source : Coca-Cola, CJ CheilJedang

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