Business Distribution Center in my Hand, the World of Digital Twins
2022. 08. 04

Do you have any experience of not being able to buy anything because you are busy with work or forget to buy it around 10 p.m. when the supermarket is closed? However, we now no longer need to worry about ordering products because of e-Commerce. With the rapidly evolving logistics services, our daily lives are getting convenient. For example, the products I ordered last night on e-Commerce, I can get them the next day. CJ Logistics, which leads the logistics industry to make e-Commerce customers more convenient and abundant, is now creating a new path for innovation with Digital Twin Technology.

Twin present in virtual space, Digital Twin

Twin present in virtual space, Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin? It means twin made of digital, creating a digital virtual space that is the same as reality in the digital world and the same situation as reality in that virtual space.  

A car crash test is an example. In the past, we used real vehicles to test collisions, which had a cost to build the same vehicle as well as disposed of all the damaged cars; it negatively affected the environment. However, Digital Twin Technology has recently created the same conditions in virtual space, enabling infinite simulation without constraints on cost, environment, and time. This has made it possible to build safer and more reliable vehicles. 

The first place to apply Digital Twin is known as GE. With Digital Twin Technology, GE enabled to analyze the cause of system errors and simulate new methods to improve system efficiency, saving more than $1.5 billion in costs.

CJ Logistics' Digital Twin, APOLO

So why is Digital Twin Technology important in logistics? What is the correlation between new logistics solutions and systems, the application of advanced automation technologies, and Digital Twin Technology?

New high techs such as robots, AI have come out. But just applying them does not make a huge improvement at once, which means the simple application of new technologies cannot maximize logistics operational efficiency. The key is optimization. Maximizing logistics efficiency by designing optimal logistics processes by several variables is the key point. APOLO project, CJ Logistics' Digital Twin Technology, optimizes logistics operations at all times. APOLO stands for Advanced Platform for Optimized Logistics Operations, and it is the innovative platform for optimizing logistics operations.

CJ Logistics' Digital Twin, APOLO

CJ Logistics is implementing APOLO to the Gunpo Smart Fulfillment Center. By establishing the virtual logistics center on APOLO, the operators can find the optimal logistics operation process by simulating the size of the real logistics center, the function and location of the logistics facility, the speed of work, and the movement of workers in advance.


CJ Logistics' TES Logistics Research Institute, which oversees the APOLO project, says the biggest advantage is that Digital Twin can identify and respond to equipment failures, errors, and bottlenecks in real time. It eventually helps to reduce trial and error and apply optimal solutions quickly. In addition, the biggest effect is that it can maximize logistics efficiency with flexible on-site operations that is based on the prediction of changes in the actual volume of orders by each client. APOLO prevents collisions with workers and logistics facilities by identifying the movement path of forklifts, which is effective in terms of on-site safety.

APOLO Project to design the future of logistics

APOLO Project to design the future of logistics

CJ Logistics’ APOLO Project not only monitors and replays with Digital Twins, but also improves logistics operation through simulation and analysis. Now, we further attempt to change the paradigm of Digital Twins to allow systems to optimize the tasks by itself. The APOLO project is learning and simulating using logistics big data with the aim of optimizing at all times. APOLO prepares for a new future in logistics that predicts changes in the situation, checks for problems, and finds solutions for itself and applies optimal logistics operational solutions.

Innovative logistics in the future will be like robots replace human, data predicts the future, and the optimized system leads people. And the center of the future is here with CJ Logistics' APOLO Project. CJ Logistics will create a new logistics future through Digital Twin.


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