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CJ Logistics Introduces Resource Circulation Logistics Solution
2024. 03. 27

Global companies’ efforts on creating a sustainable world have been accelerated. A significant portion of the waste people generate in our daily lives ends up in landfills or incinerators, emitting greenhouse gases. To prevent this, various solutions are being developed by many companies, among which CJ Logistics is introducing sustainable and innovative logistics solutions based on the concept of a circular economy.


What is a Circular Economy?

To prevent the accumulation of waste and environmental damage caused by our casual discarding of garbage, we need to focus on ways to drastically reduce recyclable waste. For example, leftover plastic from delivered meals or PET bottles from drinking water can be reduced through recycling or reuse. This falls under the concept of a circular economy, which aims to recycle resources and reduce or reuse plastics to promote sustainable resource circulation.


Establishing a Recycling Resource Circulation Model for Discarded Mobile Phones


In November 2023, CJ Logistics maximized the synergy between its logistics solutions and the circular economy. CJ Logistics, along with Samsung Electronics, Gyeonggi Province, and E-Cycle Governance, established a nationwide discarded mobile phone resource circulation model utilizing CJ Logistics' nationwide parcel delivery network. This involves collecting unnecessary devices from households through CJ Logistics' O-NE service network and recycling parts and raw materials. Upon consumer request, CJ Logistics sends safety pouches to each household and supports delivery to the E-Cycle Governance metropolitan processing center. This not only facilitates the recycling of discarded mobile phones but also enables consumers to conveniently dispose of waste.
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“Tapeless Delivery Packaging Solution,” was an award-winner at the WorldStar 2024 Packaging Awards 

This recycling and reuse methods provide convenience to users. CJ Logistics has been researching sustainable packaging solutions to provide benefits to the world we live in and consumers. As a result, in January 2024, CJ Logistics won the main award in the e-Commerce category at the 2024 WorldStar Packaging Awards, hosted by the World Packaging Organization, with its "Tapeless Delivery Packaging Solution." This solution, consisting of "One-Touch Box" and "Invoice Type Tape" solutions, eliminates the need for tape in packaging, significantly improving environmental friendliness and reducing packaging time. In particular, the "Invoice Type Tape" allows simultaneously sealing the top of the box and attach the shipping label, reducing the hassle of attaching separate plastic film tape and reducing packaging working hours by 10%.


This tapeless delivery packaging solution can improve the recycling rate of cardboard boxes, which was difficult due to separating tape. Not only can it reduce the use of plastic tape, but it can also increase the recycling rate of boxes. As of last year, the domestic recycling rate was approximately 86%, which decreased by 1% compared to 2021. The amount of discarded paper stock has more than doubled compared to the recycling rate, while the recycling rate has remained almost unchanged. CJ Logistics' tapeless delivery packaging helps separate cardboard boxes from tape, making recycling easier. Paper cardboard with attached tape has a low recycling rate, so separating them makes recycling much easier.
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Tetra Pak® Resource Circulation Campaign

Boxes, milk cartons and newspapers are often discarded with mixed materials like plastic or food waste. If not sorting and disposing of the waste properly, the recycling rate can significantly decrease. To assist in accurate separation and recycling, CJ Logistics launched the ‘Tetra Pak® Resource Circulation’ campaign on March 11th. Tetra Pak® refers to paper packs with aluminum interiors to maintain the freshness of the contents. Typically, the packs disposed of in paper waste, which is difficult to recycle and can cause confusion in the recycling stream. Especially since aseptic carton has a recycling rate of less than 10%, CJ Logistics has set up a system to handle disposal requests directly.


Anyone can participate in this event with the top global aseptic carton company ‘Tetra Pak®’ and CJ Logistics. Simply empty, cut, unfold, wash, and dry the packaging material before shipping it; then click the ‘Request pickup’ button on CJ Logistics' website. As you contribute to the earth, various gifts will be given depending on the number of participations. The event runs from March 11th (Monday) to May 10th (Friday), and winners will be announced on May 31st (Friday). We encourage you to actively participate in creating an eco-friendly ecosystem through resource circulation logistics.
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