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Join CJ Logistics at KOREA MAT 2024
2024. 05. 03

What changes and innovations will the logistics industry experience in 2024? What future awaits us? An event provided answers to all these questions: the 14th Korea International Materials Handling & Logistics Exhibition (KOREA MAT 2024). Held at KINTEX Exhibition Hall 2 from April 23 to 26, this exhibition showcased over 160 companies presenting new services and technologies. Notably, CJ Logistics welcomed visitors with an exceptionally engaging booth, filled with innovation and excitement, which we are eager to share with you.


Spotlight on AI Vision Piece-Picking Robots and O-NE Racing Car at KINTEX

CJ Logistics' booth, designed with a hexagon motif symbolizing a hub and 'One-stop SCM Solution,' captured attendees' attention with its open layout and unique concept. Inside, the booth was divided into three areas, offering a visual feast of CJ Logistics' sophisticated logistics processes and customer consulting. At the entrance, a piece-picking robot greeted visitors, using an AI vision algorithm and integrated control of suction and gripper technologies, capable of picking an average of 600 items per hour, and up to 5kg at once. Its ability to quickly handle irregular-shaped boxes using 3D image sensing and AI deep learning drew considerable interest.


The O-NE Superrace racing car, displayed in the 'Energetic Zone,' was equally captivating.
As the title sponsor of South Korea's largest motorsports event, 'O-NE Superrace Championship,' and the only logistics company in Korea to operate a racing team, CJ Logistics showcased a high-performance racing car, embodying speed and technology, enhancing the atmosphere and intuitively communicating the swift and precise nature of CJ Logistics' services.


The Future of Logistics that CJ Logistics Creates


Aside from the piece-picking robots and racing car, the booth was filled with displays demonstrating CJ Logistics' competitive edge as a global SCM solution provider. Notably, CJ Logistics' core technology, TES (Technology, Engineering, System & Solution), was applied throughout the logistics processes, showcasing an advanced and modern logistics environment.

In the main 'Digitalization Zone,' shaped as a hexagonal gallery wall, CJ Logistics introduced its six major service areas: O-NE, Fulfillment, Transport, Port Handling, Global Freight, and Digital Logistics Platform. Visitors could explore these specialized services and innovative technologies through large digital screens, showing real-life applications.

Particularly popular were the AGV-based automated transfer/sorting solutions and the digital twin 3D monitoring system, allowing real-time data-driven management of logistics centers, experienced through interactive touchscreens. Additionally, visitors had the opportunity to download and use 'the unban' app, experiencing CJ Logistics' sophisticated systems firsthand.




The 'Consulting Zone' inside the booth buzzed with visitors keen on learning about CJ Logistics' logistics processes and eco-friendly packaging solutions. The company showcased its proprietary tape-type transport documents and one-touch boxes, offering optimal packaging solutions at reasonable prices. Many of our customers gave us positive feedback after receiving the consultation, and it was very meaningful for us as a business to meet face-to-face with our customers and showcase our innovative and sustainable logistics solutions.


Also a freight truck, an essential part of the logistics industry, was featured. CJ Logistics is collaborating with the autonomous driving startup 'Mars Auto' to develop and pilot autonomous truck technology, promising safer and more accurate driving in various conditions, including nighttime long-distance journeys. 
CJ Logistics is preparing to revolutionize the logistics industry once again through this autonomous vehicle technology, having completed all vehicle testing for various operating conditions and emergencies, with plans to implement full autonomous driving on highways by 2028.


on-site interview
Ko Sang-wook (Center Digital Twin Unit)
Q: What was the main focus at this exhibition?
CJ Logistics continuously develops innovative logistics technologies and systems, asserting its role as a leader in the logistics industry. At our sites, robots work like humans, predict the future through data, and the system(advanced technologies) leads people. Based on these technologies, we provide optimized solutions to a wide range of customers. This exhibition was an opportunity to showcase CJ Logistics' technological prowess and competitiveness more broadly and concretely.

Q: The digital twin solution received a lot of attention. Can you explain it in more detail?
A digital twin creates a virtual duplicate of a real object in digital space. We've created a virtual logistics center that mirrors reality, allowing for real-time monitoring and control through screens and optimizing operations through various simulations. CJ Logistics' digital twin uses AI to leverage accumulated logistics data, not only predicting various future scenarios but also enabling continuous optimization, making it a leading solution in logistics innovation.

Jeong Song-taek (Robot Integrated Control Team)

Q: The ‘LoIS O’pack’ packaging system garnered significant interest. Why is that?
A: The LoIS O’pack system, a unique packaging technology of CJ Logistics, automatically recommends the optimal box for each product. Capable of suggesting up to 1,500 boxes per minute, this system significantly enhances logistical efficiency for our clients. This exhibition was the perfect opportunity to introduce and promote this innovative technology and its benefits to a broader audience.
Q: Could you describe the features and advantages of the LoIS O’pack system?
A: Based on 3D simulation, the LoIS O’pack system recommends the optimal box size for ordered products. In logistics centers using LoIS O’pack, the system reduces the empty space in packaging boxes by an average of 36%, not only minimizing the volume of packaging, but also reducing over-packaging. This results in a packaging solution that simultaneously enhances logistical efficiency and environmental sustainability.

This exhibition was a meaningful time to meet numerous stakeholders and customers from both domestic and international logistics industries and to share the vision of logistics that CJ Logistics is building. As a global SCM solution provider and an innovative technology company, we will continue to strive to deliver novelty and surprises across various sectors.


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