Sponsorship Why CJ Logistics is Passionate About Sports
2024. 05. 31


On May 5th, successfully concluded in Dallas, Texas. The event drew significant attention, especially the winner, Taylor Pendrith, who received a trophy shaped like Korea's cultural heritage, 'Jikji,' with his name inscribed in Hangul. This unique trophy received widespread attention from foreign media and social media, further promoting K-culture globally.

CJ Logistics participated as an official sponsor of THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson. The event was even more spectacular thanks to the outstanding performances of the players sponsored by CJ Logistics: Byeong-Hun An (tied 4th), Si-Woo Kim (tied 13th), Kyoung-Hoon Lee (tied 59th), and Kris Kim (65th).


There are many similarities between logistics and sports. Both fields prioritize precision and speed, requiring a high level of expertise to achieve excellent results. Additionally, both bring happiness and joy to people. Logistics, after all, is a service that creates convenience and enjoyment in daily life. Due to these similarities, global logistics companies invest heavily in sports sponsorships across various disciplines. As a global logistics company, CJ Logistics has been sponsoring sports events and athletes to showcase its capabilities to customers and the global market while delivering thrilling enjoyment.

A Golf Festival Connecting the World: THE CJ CUP Byron Nelson

Since 2017, CJ Logistics has sponsored THE CJ CUP, the first and only PGA Tour regular event in Korea. Starting this year, has joined forces with the 80-year-old 'Byron Nelson Tournament,' elevating its status even further. Held at TPC Craig Ranch in Dallas, this year's tournament featured 156 PGA Tour players competing fiercely.


CJ Logistics invited its US-based clients, CJ Logistics America, to the event, offering a unique customer experience and showcasing its global innovative logistics services. Through ProAm events and Observer participation, clients could directly experience the global stature of CJ Logistics.


Supporting the Future of Korean Golf

Five CJ Logistics-sponsored players—Byeong-Hun An, Si-Woo Kim, Kyoung-Hoon Lee, Sung-Jae Im, and Kris Kim—participated in this tournament. Among them, Byeong-Hun An stood out the most. Ranked 41st in the world, An finished tied for 4th with a total of
20-under-par 264, continuing his upward trend this season. Additionally, 16-year-old amateur Kris Kim set a new record as the youngest player to make the cut in Byron Nelson's history, attracting significant attention.


CJ Logistics prioritizes nurturing young talents over star players and supports several athletes, including Sung-Jae Im, the first Asian PGA Tour Rookie of the Year. CJ Logistics sponsors not only golf but also other exciting sports, such as the O-NE Superrace Championship, bringing motorsport culture to Korea.


Motorsport is an exhilarating sport where victories are decided by a mere 0.001 seconds, requiring the highest technical skills and embodying the spirit of pushing boundaries. It aligns perfectly with CJ Logistics' values. The rapid speed and precise driving in the races echo the speed and accuracy of CJ Logistics' services. The ever-improving stock cars and dedicated racers symbolize CJ Logistics' continuous advancement and global ambitions.

The Thrill of Speed: O-NE Superrace Championship 


The "2024 O-NE Superrace Championship" kicked off on April 20, drawing over 30,000 spectators despite the rainy weather. As Korea's largest car racing event, recognized by the Korea Automobile Racing Association (KARA) under the International Automobile Federation (FIA), CJ Logistics has been the title sponsor since 2016, establishing it as Korea's premier motorsport event.


This year, the event name changed to O-NE Superrace Championship, offering even richer content. The season opener featured double rounds, and additional events included the GT4 class and the Prius PHEV class, which introduced Korea's first races for both GT4 and plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

The unique O-NE Delivery Vehicle Parade Race also returned this year, with 2024 Superrace Kids Club members riding in the parade, creating unforgettable experiences for children. Other events included RC car racing "Super Real Racing," "Kids Carrera Championship" on a mini track, and a "Stamp Tour" with goods as prizes, making motorsport enjoyable for the whole family.

The Spirit of Challenging Limits: O-NE Racing


CJ Logistics is the only logistics company in Korea that operates a sports team. The O-NE Racing Team, competing in the Super 6000 class, is the star of this endeavor. The Super 6000 class is the top tier of the Superrace Championship, featuring the fastest cars and top drivers in Korea.


Founded in 2008, O-NE Racing has won over 30 races and stood on the podium 106 times over 16 years. The team boasts top drivers like Dong-Eun Kim, Jung-Woo Lee, and Han-Sol Oh. Notably, Jung-Woo Lee won the "CJ Logistics Fastest Lap Award" with a record time of 1 minute 56.475 seconds during the second round of the season opener, delighting fans.

CJ Logistics will continue to support athletes who never stop challenging themselves and contribute to sports development and the spread of K-culture. We look forward to another thrilling year of CJ Logistics' sports sponsorships and appreciate your continued interest and support!
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Motorsports (O-NE Superrace Championship, O-NE Racing)
Golf (THE CJ CUP, Seven CJ Logistics Professional Golfers)

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