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CJ Logistics opens up the new R&D Center in China 2017-11-26
- CJ Logistics opens the advanced R&D center called ‘TES Innovation Center China’ at CJ Rokin
- The Company transfers its TES’s technologies to China…hoping to create more synergy
- CJ Logistics tries to expand the global business by building ‘the second CJ Logistics’ in China to become Asia’s No.1 logistics company

CJ Logistics is bringing its high-tech logistics platform to China hoping to create a new synergy model by utilizing China’s logistics infrastructures. CJ Logistics tries to transfer its high-tech logistics technologies and consulting experience to CJ Rokin to gain a competitive edge in the fast-growing Chinese market. This event is expected to improve the economic and international relationship between Korea and China.

On November 16th, the company announced that it had the ‘TES Innovation Center China’ opening ceremony at CJ Rokin’s head office in Shanghai. Many important guests participated in the opening ceremony including the company’s CEO Park Keun-tae.

The event started with the tape cutting ceremony and followed by introducing the new logistics technologies and devices.

‘TES Innovation Center China’ is the firm’s second R&D center and it is industry’s first overseas R&D center. It is a two-story building with the gross area of 480㎡. The R&D Center is filled with the latest technologies from South Korea including MPS (Multi-Purpose System), W-Navigator, ITS (Intelligent Scanner) and other devices that are approved by the Chinese government. Other general purpose equipment such as picking robot, packing robot, automatic picking warehouse system are self-supplied in China. They transferred the operation system that was previously used in CJ Rokin to ‘TES Innovation Center China’.

To show the smart logistics solutions to its guests, the R&D Center is filled up with the latest logistics technologies and devices. Inside the building, they also have consulting and IT departments working together to educate their employees and guests. Through the R&D Center in China, CJ Logistics also plans to develop new customized technologies to its Chinese customers by collaborating with its Total Logistics Research Institute.

Internet of things (IoT), robotics, big data and automation has been very important issues for the fourth industrial revolution. Through this opening ceremony in China, CJ Logistics plans to establish its presence and enhance the brand image in the fast-growing Chinese market by utilizing its cutting edge technologies and consulting skills.

CJ Rokin, the largest cold chain logistics company in China, was established in 1985. The company manages logistics for global companies such as BASF, L’Oreal, Adidas and others. There are 48 operating terminals and 22 distribution centers in China. The company also has over 1,800 transportation vehicles connecting 1,500 cities and it is expected to bring more synergy by applying the high-tech logistics platform from Korea.

CJ Logistics said that while logistics industry in Korea has been widely perceived as a ‘3D’ industry (dirty, difficult and dangerous), that view has been changing due to recent developments. “We have been focusing on R&D to innovate our logistics industry as Chairman Lee Jae-hyun of CJ has emphasized the need for logistics to turn into a smart industry”.

Last May, CJ Logistics opened up its first R&D center ‘TES Innovation Center’ which is located in Gunpo, Kyoungkido. At its first R&D center, the company focused on developing advanced logistics equipment, new technologies, and others to improve the efficiency and productivity in the fields.

Through the establishment of ‘TES Innovation Center China’, CJ Logistics plans to transfer its TES technologies and speed up its global operation. Especially, the company believes that this event would help the company to achieve its No.1 Pan-Asia strategy and improve the relationship between two countries.

The CEO of CJ Logistics Park Keun-tae said that “Through this high-tech R&D center in china, we were able to create a momentum to expand our global business. “Following Chairman Lee Jay-hyun’s global management vision, we are going to try our best to be the global top 5 logistics company by providing differentiated logistics services.

Meanwhile, CJ Logistics tries to carry out its ‘Pan-Asia No.1 Strategy’ to become No.1 Logistics Company in Asia by building a business network thought out Asian countries. The Company also plans to become the global top 5 logistics company by 2020.

In 2013, CJ Logistics acquired the project & heavy cargo Chinese company CJ Smart Cargo and in 2015, it also took over the China’s No.1 cold chain logistics company CJ Rokin. Last July, the company set up the joint venture CJ Speedex with China’s TCL. Since its first acquisition with Chinese firms, it succeeded in merge and acquisitions with Malaysia’s CJ Century and took over Indonesia’s warehouse centers.

Especially, this year’s April, the company acquired India’s No.1 transportation company CJ Darcl and Middle East’s famous project & heavy cargo logistics company CJ ICM. At last, in October, CJ Logistics acquired Vietnam’s No.1 logistics company CJ Gmadept and established a network that covers all over Asia.

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