The UN recognizes ‘CJ Logistics Senior Parcel Delivery’… Listed on the UN’s official website

‘CJ Logistics Senior Parcel Delivery’ was recognized as an excellent development cooperation model by the UN and listed on the official website. Later on, Senior Parcel Delivery is going to be introduced to the UN’s various committees and recommended to the member countries of the UN. SDGs consist of 17 goals including the alleviation of poverty and inequality, quality education, economic growth and quality jobs. The UN and the international community pledge to achieve these goals by 2030.

CJ Logistics (CEO Keun-tae Park) announced on May 29 that its ‘Senior Parcel Delivery’ received the ‘SMART Certification’ and was recognized as a development cooperation model which contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Initiative.

SDGs are the most crucial common goals that the UN and the international community pledge to achieve by 2030. SDGs consist of 17 goals and 169 targets aimed at sustainable growth of all countries around the globe, including the alleviation of poverty and inequality, quality education, economic growth and quality jobs. Microsoft, Bloomberg, Apple, Coca-Cola, Intel and other global industry leaders are utilizing SDGs to practice their sustainable businesses.

Since January, CJ Logistics cooperated with ‘Korean Association for supporting SDGs for the United Nations’, to be recognized by the UN. CJ Logistics registered the new initiative to achieve the SDG Goal 8 [promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all].

The UN highly regarded CJ Logistics, because the company has contributed to solving social problems as a global logistics leader. The UN also recognized company’s effort to build a sharing platform to create senior jobs by utilizing its core competency. CJ Logistics was also granted ‘SMART Certification’ that was only given to the best practices.

Until now, only four Korean companies were enlisted on the UN’s official homepage including CJ CheilJedang (Eco-Friendly Bio Business), Posco (Steel Village Project) and CJ Logistics (Senior Parcel Delivery). As a domestic logistics company, CJ logistics was listed on the website for the first time.

Later on, Senior Parcel Delivery is going to be introduced to the UN’s HLPF (High Level Political Forum) and other various committees. With the recognition, Senior Parcel Delivery is going to be recommended to 193 member countries as a leading case of its SDGs, and the document that states the case will be permanently recorded.

CJ Logistics strives to achieve SDGs through creating various business models. The company is also making the effort to solve social issues and expand its Senior Parcel Delivery model by cooperating with local and global partners around the world.

“The UN decided to register Senior Parcel Delivery on its official website, because it recognized that CJ Logistics has been contributing to solving social issues with its leading CSV model,” CJ Logistics CEO Keun-tae Park said. “Based on CJ’s business philosophy, we are going to expand our global social contribution programs in the future.”

Previously on May 1st, Senior Parcel Delivery received favorable reviews from global opinion leaders at ‘Shared Value Leadership Summit’ that was held in New York. Over 400 global leaders including former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Harvard professor Michael Porter and Mark Kramer showed great interests in Senior Parcel Delivery.

In addition, CJ Group and Senior Parcel Delivery were listed on the Fortune’s ‘Change the World 50’. The Economist introduced Senior Parcel Delivery as Korea’s the most representative business model that creates senior jobs. The company also received ‘Porter Prize for Excellence in CSV’ in 2015 & 2017. Since 2013, CJ Logistics signed a MOU with Ministry of Health and Welfare to create senior jobs. Currently, the company has created over 170 delivery bases and 1,400 jobs for seniors. (End)

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