CJ Logistics sponsors AWESOME Symposium, expands its business in the US logistics market

- CJ sponsors the AWESOME Symposium, an event for senior-level supply chain leaders in Seattle, Washington
– home of Host Partner Starbucks - Starbucks, Nike, Johnson & Johnson and many other leading global companies participated in the event focused on transforming the future of supplychain leadership
- CJ plans to further expand its businessin the US logistics market, leveraging synergies with the DSC Logistics platform

CJ Logistics participated in and sponsored the 2019 AWESOME Symposium, "Reaching Beyond and Achieving More." The event took place on May 1-3, 2019,in Seattle, Washington. As CJ Logistics expands its business in the US logistics market, the AWESOME Symposium provided a valuable forum for networking with global leaders.

AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain, Operations, Management and Education) is an industry-wide organization focused on advancingwomen leaders and transforming the future of supply chain leadership. AWESOME was launched in 2013, founded by DSC Logistics Advisory Board Chairman and former CEO, Ann Drake.

Starbucks COO Roz Brewster, one of Fortune’s 50 Most Powerful Women, and former NASA Astronaut Cady Coleman joined the event. Over 350 senior leadersfrom Microsoft, Intel, Walmart, Hilton and other iconic companies participated in the Symposium.

On Thursday, May 2, CJ Logistics sponsored the Symposium Networking Reception and had the opportunity to introduce CJ Group and CJ Logistics toindustry leaders. Drake introduced CJ Logistics to guests, saying, “As many of you may know, in August 2018 we announced that my company, DSC Logistics, joined with CJ Logistics. It was really the right fit -- at the right time -- for DSC to join the globalmarketplace and unlock a greater potential.”

“One of the reasons CJ came together with DSC Logistics was DSC’s emphasis on leadership and its unique culture of collaboration. We stand behindthe AWESOME initiative and we want to do our part to support its continued advancement,” CJ America CMO Angela Killoren said. “CJ Group is one of the top conglomerates in Korea with the highest percentage of female executives. Based on CJ Group’s philosophy,CJ Logistics is committed to empowering women’s leadership all over the world.”

CJ Logistics plans to expand its logistics business in the US by creating synergy with DSC. CJ aims to compete with top-tier global competitorsin the US market, by combining DSC’s local network and industry expertise with CJ’s operating capabilities, supply chain management consulting tools and high-tech logistics solution.

Currently, CJ Logistics is operating in 37 countries, 148 cities and 266 worksites. In the North American region, the company is already providingvarious logistics services including auto, tire, food and CPG. CJ plans to provide extended global services to DSC’s existing customers utilizing its global network.

In order to reach its goal to be a Global Top 5 Logistics Company, CJ Logistics has been aggressively making M&A deals throughout the world includingChina, South-East Asia, India and Middle-East Asia. Last August, the company completed the acquisition of DSC Logistics and now plans to expand its influence and presence as an advanced logistics company in the US market.

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