CJ Logistics America named as ‘Green Supply Chain Partner’

- Esteemed U.S. logistics magazine Inbound Logistics has announced a list of 75 green supply chain partners for 2020
- CJ Logistics has made the list, compiled based on assessment in four areas, along with global logistics companies including DHL, UPS and FedEx
- CJ Logistics’ inclusion is owing to the company’s various green logistics activities, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the operation of a suitable management system and eco-friendly equipment

2020 Green Supply Chain Partner

CJ Logistics’ consolidated U.S. subsidiary, CJ Logistics America, is strengthening its position in the U.S. logistics market by leading the way in green logistics. CJ Logistics America was established this past February through the consolidation of CJ Logistics’ two U.S. subsidiaries, CJ Logistics USA and DSC Logistics, the latter of which the company acquired and merged with in 2018.

CJ Logistics has announced that its consolidated U.S. subsidiary, CJ Logistics America, has made the list of green supply chain partners for 2020, which was published by U.S. logistics magazine Inbound Logistics.

The renowned U.S. logistics magazine, Inbound Logistics, each year names 75 companies who strive to practice green logistics as “green supply chain partners.” The list for 2020 was compiled based on the assessment of candidate companies in four areas, “measurable green performance,” “sustainable innovation,” “continuous improvement” and “recognition in the industry.”

Among the companies selected together with CJ Logistics America are a number of renowned global logistics companies, including DHL, UPS and FedEx, and many opine that the global influence of CJ Logistics is increasing day by day.

CJ Logistics America practices green logistics by measuring and managing the use of five resources—electricity, gas, water, natural gas, and recycling—at its over 40 business sites across the United States. CJ Logistics America sets annual goals for reducing utility use while similarly striving to reduce energy use by at least 8% at all its business sites.

In addition, CJ Logistics America is also reducing greenhouse gas emissions through its integrated transportation optimization management system and greenhouse gas emission data comprehensive management system. CJ Logistics America is also leading the way in green logistics through the use of high-efficiency lights, solar panels and eco-friendly packaging materials.

An Inbound Logistics official said, “We've selected 75 companies that constantly strive to provide their clients and shippers with sustainable eco-friendly logistics supply chain services. CJ Logistics America and those others included in the list are tirelessly putting eco-friendly logistics into action despite the tough circumstances."

CJ Logistics noted, “As global environmental problems are coming to the fore, clients’ needs for eco-friendly logistics services are increasing. We will strive to lead the way in clean logistics through such efforts as increasing efficiency by utilizing a TES-Logistics-Research-Center-based state-of-the-art logistics system and proactively adopting electric and hydrogen-fueled freight cars.”

CJ Logistics’ consolidated U.S. subsidiary, CJ Logistics America, currently operates integrated business sites with a cumulative area of 2.8 million square meters across the United States and Canada for warehousing, transporting and forwarding purposes, and the subsidiary serves as a bridgehead for CJ Logistics’ entry into international markets.

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