CJ Logistics Announces the Brand Slogan WE DESIGN LOGISTICS

- Strengthening customer communication by developing a variety of brand stories, including ninety years of honed expertise, cutting-edge and eco-friendly logistics technologies and shared growth.
- Signifying a major transformation of logistics paradigm and a leap to 100-year corporate … Designing customer-optimized logistics systems
- During the 'untect' era, the importance of logistics in everyday life has increased … Delivering emotional values, such as love, joy, and happiness, beyond convenience.

CJ Logistics Announces the Brand Slogan 'WE DESIGN LOGISTICS'

CJ Logistics, who marks its 90th anniversary, announced its brand slogan 'WE DESIGN LOGISTICS', heralding a major shift in the logistics paradigm. With CJ Logistics' strong will to become a 100-year logistics innovation company, it expresses its commitment to implement consumer oriented logistics. Also, It plans to strengthening customer communication by developing a variety of brand stories, including ninety years of honed expertise, cutting-edge and eco-friendly logistics technologies and accompanying growth.

'LOGISTICS' refers to the entire process of transportation, loading, packing, storage and etc, that occurs when raw materials, goods, and etc are supplied by the request of customers. The logistics industry, which had strong operational means in the past, is becoming increasingly important due to the continuous rise in manufacturing cost with intesification of global competition while diversification of distribution channels at home and abroad is broadening. In particular, as the "untouch" era has recently arrived and the importance of last-mile has expanded due to the prolonged COVID-19, the customers experiece the needs of logistics more than ever.

CJ Logistics, which leads the logistics industry, used 'DESIGN' in its slogan to implicitly declare its aim to comprehensively manage logistics processes and design a systematic supply chain that can fully meet customers' needs; going beyond providing highly specialized logistics services. It aims to design an optimal logistics system between shippers and consumers and to break down barriers between industries to create new high value-added business models. In addition, it has a strong will to establish itself as an important management factor that determines competitiveness in the domestic and global markets.

Amid the growing importance of logistics in everyday life as the non-face-to-face consumption culture spreads, CJ Logistics plans to build a customer oriented logistics process, by lining with the change in social and economical trend. Also, to effectively respond to year-on-year growth of the logistics market, the company plans to build an impenetrable physical and human infrastructure and create new delivery models to further enhance customer convenience. Recently, CJ Logistics introduced a 'e-fullfillment' service, which is a joint work of logistics information technology and a large scale hub-terminal. The service deals with the online orders within 24 hours. CJ Logistics also plans to promote shared growth with local communities by generating social values such as revitalizing the national economy and creating jobs. To achieve this, it will implement eco-friendly green logistics utilizing optimized logistics process and system design. Company expained that the ultimate goal is to go beyond just convinience and become a company that delivers emotional experiences and values such as love, joy and happiness.

CJ Logistics plans to strengthen communication with customers through SNS by developing various brand stories based on the newly announced slogan.

"The logistics industry, which used to be recognized only as a corporate management element, has recently been transformed into a life-friendly industry that closely affects consumers' daily lives," a CJ Logistics official said. He also added, "We will reborn as a more reliable company by providing both functional and emotional values to consumers and maximizing positive customer experiences"

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