CJ Logistics Launches the “Beware of Blind Spots” Traffic Safety Campaign together with the Seoul Me

- CJ Logistics attaches Beware of Blind Spots stickers to over 1,000 delivery trucks to raise awareness of other drivers and pedestrians.
- The company is also mounting a campaign that informs people of the dangers of blind spots together with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Korea Transportation Safety Authority, and the Truck Welfare Foundation.

CJ대한통운 직원이 택배 화물차량에 사각지대 주의 스티커를 부착하고 있는 모습

CJ Logistics is attaching about 3,000 stickers warning cars nearby of blind spots on more than 1,000 delivery trucks to lead the effort to prevent car accidents. CJ Logistics announced on April 13 that they will launch a traffic safety campaign for Beware of Blind Spots alongside the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, Korea Transportation Safety Authority, and the Truck Welfare Foundation.

CJ Logistics will place more than 3,000 Beware of Blind Spots stickers on three spots including on the driver’s seat, the front passenger’s seat, and the cargo storage space of the over 1,000 delivery trucks the company operates. The stickers have a warning message notifying other large cargo truck drivers and pedestrians nearby of the risks of blind spots and are expected to raise their awareness of potential dangers. The campaign, which launched in April, was devised to inform citizens of the dangers of blind spots by attaching Beware of Blind Spots stickers on large delivery trucks run by the city of Seoul.

Seoul City plans to put these stickers on approx. 5,000 vehicles, besides freight trucks, in partnership with CJ Logistics, including delivery trucks, sprinkler trucks, and garbage trucks run by the city government. Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency will also join the campaign to prevent traffic accidents by cracking down on traffic and signal violations at intersections and distributing the Beware of Blind Spots stickers. Blind spots are areas around the vehicle that cannot directly be observed by the driver because his/her view of the road is blocked. In particular, freight trucks are big and high up above the ground, so they have blinds spots that are much bigger and wider than those of sedans.

In fact, France, where there is an advanced traffic safety system, made it obligatory to put blind spot warning stickers on all full-size cars of 3.5 tons and over, including cargo trucks, buses, and campervans since January 2021. A CJ Logistics officer said, “I am delighted to contribute to helping Korea develop into a country that has a developed traffic safety system. We will continue to make efforts to prevent traffic accidents in advance and raise awareness of car safety through public-private partnerships.”

Since 2017, CJ Logistics has spearheaded a diverse array of traffic safety campaigns. The company not only ran the Safe Speed 5030 campaign aimed at urging drivers to follow the revised safe speed law, but also attached a fluorescent reflective strip on freight trucks to prevent nighttime accidents. The company is also continuing to make efforts to offer car safety training on the revised Road Traffic Act, traffic laws, and driver guidelines to delivery drivers in partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency.

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