CJ Logistics Conducts Advanced Logistics Expert Training Program in Southeast Asia

A CJ Logistics employee wearing PPE stands holding a clipboard in one hand and directing a forklift truck with the other.
A local employee working at the CJ Logistics Indonesia center.

CJ Logistics announced that they have been conducting an Advanced Logistics Expert Course for the benefit of its local subsidiaries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia.

The course commenced in July, 2022 and will run for three months, ending in October. Roughly 50 workers from each subsidiary will be enrolled on the course, and the training program intends to deepen these employees’ understanding of the latest logistics strategies. Included in the content are: • understanding how to introduce and apply Technology, Engineering, Systems & Solutions (TES) technologies based on core logistical operations • Activity Based Costing (ABC) analysis for effective inventory management • the key success factors and structure in the field of transport cost calculation • case studies in optimizing logistics processes in the overseas subsidiaries and a more thorough study of the layout and visibility of the ideal logistics center. The training program will approach this wide array of topics through group debate and group presentations, theoretical education and hands-on field practice.

“This training program was a great opportunity to develop our teams’ professional skills through learning how other logistics centers operate,” said Irawan Saputra, Head of CJ Logistics’ Indonesia Surabaya center. “Theories like ABC analysis and the ideal design layout of an effective logistics center have been worked with proactively, through field practice and debate. This has helped make them more engaging subjects for our course participants to learn about.”

By expanding its logistics centers equipped with high-tech technologies while also providing adequate training for local employees to deepen their expertise, CJ Logistics seeks to further strengthen the capabilities of its overseas businesses.

This is not the first time CJ Logistics has designed advanced training courses for its workers. Last year, the company conducted their Logistics Expert Basic Course, which saw the participation of 270 employees from five countries: Malaysia, Mexico, India, the Philippines and Thailand. This course consolidated employees’ understanding of fundamental logistics operations and sales practices, and this year the company is conducting an updated version of this course in Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.

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