CJ Logistics launches delivery brand “O-NE,” a name derived from the Korean word for “come

- CJ Logistics has integrated its various delivery services intended for sellers and buyers, such as early morning delivery, next-day delivery and same-day delivery services, into “O-NE.”
- O-NE aims to provide the best service to customers through logistics operations based on innovative technologies such as robots, AI, and big data.
CJ Logistics strengthens its delivery market leadership by carrying out marketing activities that utilize digital channels, delivery vehicles, boxes, etc.


Innovative technology company CJ Logistics will launch an integrated delivery brand called “O-NE” and develop various marketing programs to further strengthen its leadership in the delivery service market.

On the 6th, CJ Logistics announced that it had launched an integrated brand called “O-NE” that encompasses all its delivery services that connect sellers and buyers. O-NE embodies CJ Group's “ONLYONE” management philosophy, which pursues the “first, best, and differentiation.” It also has the meaning of “one delivery solution for all,” including sellers and buyers. In addition, the name also contains the excitement and joy of receiving your delivery package anytime, anywhere regardless of what you've ordered. The logo, on the other hand, symbolizes a shipping box on its way to a customer, and contains CJ Logistics’ promise to grow together with customers through innovative, cutting-edge logistics services.

“O-NE” is a brand that encompasses the courier service and various guaranteed arrival services provided by CJ Logistics, an unrivaled leading service provider in South Korea’s domestic courier market. The services provided are: “Guaranteed Next-Day O-NE,” which guarantees package delivery on the day after ordering, “Early Morning O-NE,” which guarantees package delivery before 7 am on the day after ordering, and “Same-Day ON-E,” which guarantees package delivery within the day of ordering. In addition, CJ Logistics plans to roll out “Sunday O-NE,” which will allow buyers to receive packages even on Sundays, in the first half of this year. 

In order to strengthen its leadership in the delivery market, CJ Logistics has taken a bold step away from the common practice of using noun-type service names familiar to the public, such as “courier service,” “early morning delivery,” and “same-day delivery.” Instead, the company has opted to use its own differentiated brand “O-NE,” a name that can also serve a verb in Korean sentences, in a bid to more clearly imprint on the consumer mind that CJ Logistics' innovative services provide convenience and enjoyment in everyday life. 

“O-NE” is expected to serve as a bridgehead that promotes business growth for sellers. With “O-NE,” sellers can immediately implement and provide a variety of time-slot-specific delivery services to buyers, such as next day, early morning, and same-day delivery services. CJ Logistics says that the provision of differentiated delivery services is an essential survival strategy in the distribution industry, where companies’ sales competitiveness is declining due to fierce price competition.

In the case of buyers, the quality of consumption is expected to increase a further notch; as buyers will be able to select sales sites or products that can be delivered at their desired time frames, the delivery options for them will expand further. In the case of Guaranteed Next-Day O-NE, next-day delivery is guaranteed for over 90% of all regions of South Korea, excluding cases where there are geographical restrictions, such as islands and mountainous areas. On the other hand, Guaranteed Same-Day O-NE (same-day delivery service) is provided throughout Seoul, with Early Morning O-NE (early morning delivery service) available in the Seoul metropolitan area and the Chungcheong area.

CJ Logistics is actively adopting advanced technologies, such as robots, artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, for all logistics steps to provide various delivery services to sellers and buyers in a stable manner. The company's logistics efficiency is increasing dramatically as various technologies, such as transport robots, digital twins and smart packaging, are applied to its fulfillment center, where all logistics steps are performed in a single sequence after sellers' products are stored. Based on this, CJ Logistics has subdivided the logistics work performed within the center and now conducts work in a personalized manner for each delivery time slot, such as next day, early morning, and same day. 

From March 6, CJ Logistics will run a campaign ad for its “O-NE” brand, primarily via various digital channels, such as YouTube and Naver. In addition, the company also plans to increase its brand awareness by developing marketing programs using various contact points, such as its official digital channels, customer app, delivery vehicles, and boxes.

Shin Young-soo, representative of CJ Logistics' Parcel Delivery and E-commerce Division, said, "Based on our recently launched integrated delivery brand, O-NE, we will approach our customers more intimately while further raising the quality of our delivery service to provide convenience and enjoyment in everyday life. We will lead the delivery market and continue to shift the paradigm of the logistics industry through change and innovation based on cutting-edge technology.” 

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