CJ Logistics signs MOU with IGAWorks to upgrade logistics big data

- CJ Logistics has signed a business agreement with the big data platform company IGAWorks to establish a cooperative relationship in respect of data between the two.
- CJ Logistics intends to combine with external data, such as consumer profile data and its own delivery service-originated big data to increase the value of the data involved. 
- Plans to enhance the accuracy of big data using machine learning-based AI engine, as well as to further divide its classification system into about 8,000 categories. 

(왼쪽부터) 이종훈 CJ대한통운 전략기획실장, 김경훈 CJ대한통운 TES물류기술연구소장, 신영수 CJ대한통운 택배·이커머스 부문 대표, 마국성 아이지에이웍스 대표, 손광래 아이지에이웍스 최고전략책임자, 이철환 아이지에이웍스 마케팅클라우드 본부장이 업무협약을 체결한 후 함께 기념 촬영을 하고 있다.

▶ From the left: CJ Logistics’ head of the strategic planning office Jong-hoon, CJ Logistics’ director of the TES logistics technology research center Kim Gyeong-hoon, CJ Logistics’ representative of the parcel delivery and e-commerce division, IGAWorks CEO Ma Kook-seong, IGAWorks chief strategy officer Son Gwang-rae and IGAWorks’ head of the marketing cloud headquarters Lee Chul-won after signing a business agreement.

Innovative technology company CJ Logistics will join hands with South Korea's largest mobile big data platform company to upgrade its logistics big data.

On the 16th, CJ Logistics announced that it had signed a business agreement with the big data platform company IGAWorks to build a cooperative relationship in respect of data between the two at the Only One Hall located in the Jongno-gu, Seoul headquarters.

IGAWorks, established in 2006, is South Korea’s largest data tech platform company. The company, which was designated as a certified unicorn (an unlisted company with a corporate value of 1 trillion KRW or more) by South Korea’s Ministry of SMEs and Startups, provides cloud-based services, such as collecting and analyzing mobile app users' usage behavior based on de-identified data.

Through this agreement, the two companies plan to combine, and in turn, upgrade their respective big data to eventually enhance the value of both. In addition, they have also decided to seek out various ways, such as strengthening their corporate competitiveness, to utilize their data in a bid for the two to evolve into innovative technology companies.

As the first of such efforts, they have agreed to combine CJ Logistics' delivery service-originated big data with IGAWorks' third-party data, such as consumer profiles. For instance, by combining a set of delivery service-originated big data showing that the volume of instant rice ordered in a specific area has increased by 70% compared to the previous year with consumer profile data such as 30-something newlyweds living in that area who like leisure activities, you can increase the value of the data.

CJ Logistics will also strengthen the accuracy of its logistics-based big data and its classification system by utilizing IGAWorks’ own data on individual brands and machine learning-based AI engine. Its plan is to further divide its data classification criteria, which is based on courier invoices, from the existing 3-level 200-odd one to a 4-level 8,000-odd one, thereby simultaneously advancing the quality of data and improving its usability.

Shin Young-soo, CJ Logistics’ representative for its delivery service and e-commerce division, said, “Digital conversion and big data utilization are emerging as core elements of future logistics change. We will actively adopt advanced technologies, such as robots, artificial intelligence, and big data, to take the lead in digital innovation-oriented growth in logistics.” 

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