CJ Logistics strengthens medical logistics expertise...acquiring ISO certification

- Obtaining ISO 13485 international certification for a medical device quality management system...medical logistics in full swing 
- Medical logistics is called "clean logistics" because it is difficult to handle and requires strict management...the company is expanding in this area  
- Recently, the Japanese subsidiary also received ISO certification in three areas, strengthening its capabilities in the logistics business for high-value-added industries 

CJ대한통운 종로 본사

CJ Logistics, an innovative technology company, is strengthening its expertise in medical logistics, an area that demands precise and delicate logistical capabilities. In addition to the recent acquisition of ISO certifications in three fields for its Japanese subsidiary, the company is also working on improving its global logistics business capabilities by acquiring certification related to medical devices.

CJ Logistics announced on the 5th of this month that they had acquired the ISO 13485 certification for their medical device quality management system.

The ISO 13485 certification is a specialized certification that ensures the safe handling of medical devices, such as biosensors and diagnostic kits. Due to their close connection with human life and health, medical devices require a high degree of care in handling when used on patients.

The transportation of medical devices poses significant challenges, as any issue during the logistics process could lead to the entire product being scrapped. Therefore, strict quality control measures must be followed throughout the process. This is why medical logistics is referred to as “clean logistics."

The company intends to significantly expand its clean logistics business related to the bio and healthcare industries, including medical devices, both domestically and internationally. The acquisition of the ISO 13485 certification is expected to boost the growth of this business.

CJ Logistics received its certification from TUV NORD, which is a well-known global testing and certification organization based in Germany with over 150 years of experience and is recognized as a leading authority in industrial certification around the world. It took about eight months for the company to prepare for the certification starting from July of the previous year. Recently, CJ Logistics was certified for its abilities at a global level in various services, such as transportation, loading and unloading of medical devices, operation of distribution centers, and international logistics. The company also plans to pursue higher-level certifications for clean logistics in the future.

Jang Young-ho, Head of the Forwarding Division, CJ Logistics, said, "With the acquisition of the certification, we will provide better quality medical logistics services to our current customers." He added, "We will focus on developing the logistics business in high-entry-barrier growth industries, such as pharmaceuticals, bio, and healthcare, which have the potential for high added value.” 

Late last month, CJ Logistics Japan also became the first Korean firm to receive ISO certification for quality, environment, and health and safety in Japan. The Japanese subsidiary is also pursuing AEO certification, which is awarded to companies with excellent import and export safety control.

CJ Logistics has been expanding its global logistics business capabilities by transferring advanced logistics technologies, facilities, and operating techniques to overseas subsidiaries in the United States, India, and Malaysia. Additionally, they have been opening logistics specialist courses to train local personnel. 

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