CJ Logistics Participates in Ukraine Reconstruction Project

▶ CJ Logistics attended the Ukraine-Korea Reconstruction Cooperation Forum as a representative of the Korean logistics industry.

CJ Logistics has announced Kang Byung-koo, head of CJ Logistics’ Global Division, attended the Ukraine-Korea Reconstruction Cooperation Forum in Kyiv from September 13-14 as part of Korea’s Ukrainian Reconstruction Cooperation Delegation – also called “One Team Korea.” Meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and other local officials, Kang attended the forum to discuss collaborative reconstruction measures.

The “One Team Korea” delegation was formed in participation with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries and 18 public and private companies, with CJ Logistics chosen to represent the Korean logistics industry.

During two days of discussions on reconstruction cooperation, President Zelenskyy and other government officials reportedly asked CJ Logistics to support Ukraine in leveraging its geographical position as a gateway to Europe to become a key rail and port transportation hub.

Following the discussions, CJ Logistics signed a strategic partnership with JJ Group, a Ukrainian private holding company formed principally by the Sokrat Investment Group. Through the partnership, the two companies agreed to jointly develop a dry port in the Lutsk region capable of accommodating more than five million tons of cargo.

Located in the Styr River basin in northwestern Ukraine, Lutsk plays an important role in Ukrainian land and rail transportation. With the new dry port, CJ Logistics and JJ Group plan to connect to port and railway transportation facilities in the vicinity of the Lutsk Railway Station and support the movement of food resources, such as grain and cooking oil. As one of the world’s biggest producers of grain, Ukraine has seen its major export channels significantly restricted by war. The conflict has impacted not only Ukraine’s economic situation but also global food security at large.

In addition to its work with JJ Group, CJ Logistics plans to actively expand cooperation with other companies participating in reconstruction activities. In seeking to achieve this, the company will extend its equipment transportation and construction material-related logistical operations. At the forum, the Korean delegation and the Ukrainian government agreed to push for six major projects, including the bolstering of key transportation networks such as roads, railways and airports, the restoration of the Kakhovka Dam and the improvement of water and sewage systems, all centered on rebuilding essential infrastructure.

“CJ Logistics will strive to support logistics networks essential to stabilizing the lives of the Ukrainian people and improving the country’s economic situation,” said Kang.


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