CJ Group Announces Hiring of New Employees for the Second Half of 2023


▶ CJ Group is stepping forward to hire new employees for the second half of 2023

Principal Subsidiaries such as CJ CheilJedang, CJ Logistics, CJ ENM, and CJ Olive Young Commence Recruitment Processes for the Latter Half of the Year.

On the 11th, CJ (Chairman Lee Jay-hyun) announced the initiation of new employee recruitment processes for the latter half of 2023 at its principal subsidiaries, including CJ CheilJedang, CJ Logistics, CJ ENM, and CJ Olive Young.

Applications can be submitted online starting today, September 11th. Following this, applicants who pass the document screening will undergo a tailored selection process, including tests, first and second-round interviews, and job performance evaluations (internships), depending on the subsidiary. Successful candidates are expected to join the company around January of next year.

Applications Open from the 11th... Tailored Recruitment Processes Depending on the Business Sector and Role of the Subsidiary

Candidates can only apply to one of the recruiting subsidiaries. As the recruitment process is tailored according to each subsidiary’s business sector and role, it's essential to review the job postings thoroughly. Detailed recruitment information can be found on the CJ Group recruitment website( recruit.cj.net ) or mobile site ( mrecruit.cj.net )

A representative from CJ Group stated, "Securing top talent is paramount for leading future lifestyle industries. We are heavily invested in recruiting new employees," and added, "We hope that the best talents, who will work with the unique spirit of CJ to achieve global No. 1, will actively apply."

Meanwhile, since announcing its mid-term vision, CJ has been accelerating its efforts to secure top talent and innovate its organizational culture. In particular, CJ is committed to supporting growth through opportunities and fair competition for dedicated and capable 'straightforward doers' and is implementing various innovative systems to create an environment where employees can work autonomously and freely.

[Second Half of 2023 New Employee Recruitment Q&A]

Q. What is the deadline for document submission?

Applications for document submission can be made via the website or mobile starting September 11th. As the deadlines vary by subsidiary, checking the announcements diligently is crucial.

Q. Is it possible to apply to multiple positions?

Overlapping applications between subsidiaries are not permitted. Even within the same subsidiary, overlapping applications between departments/roles are not allowed. Candidates should carefully assess their experiences and skills and apply judiciously.

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