CJ Logistics Upgrades Service With LoIS Parcel

Next-Generation Cloud-Based System Offers Advanced Data Processing Capabilities, Can Handle Up to 20 Million Parcels a Day


▶  A delivery driver from CJ Logistics' poses in front of his truck

CJ Logistics, a leading supply chain and technology company, recently completed a major upgrade to its delivery system for the first time in 10 years. The change ensures the stable delivery of services and adaptation to shifts in the industrial landscape.

Cloud-Based Solutions Processing up to 20 Million Data per Day 

On March 26, CJ Logistics announced the introduction of its next-generation delivery system to all locations throughout Korea. The new system, LoIS Parcel, can handle the escalating volumes of data that accompany today’s increased demand for parcel service. CJ Logistics started the upgrade in 2021 and has completed its introduction to the field this year. 

LoIS Parcel’s key features include a system to manage reservations, sorting, dispatch and settlements; a mobile app that drivers can use to manage pickup and delivery tasks; and a system that corporate customers can use to register and track their parcels. 

Constructing a Data Analysis Platform

LoIS Parcel offers remarkable reliability and is capable of processing up to 20 million parcels per day. There are now four servers, instead of one, to ensure uninterrupted service even if one server fails.

“We handle up to 10 million parcels every day,” said one CJ Logistics spokesperson. “As the parcel industry grows, we’re growing too, and we’ve built a system that will deliver long-term stability.”

Since CJ Logistics transitioned its servers to a cloud environment, the system can better adapt to changes in delivery volume. With physical servers, volume spikes meant higher data loads and that led to performance issues. The new cloud-based system allows temporary increases or decreases in capacity, ensuring smooth operation even during peak periods like holidays.

Convenience is another advantage of the new system. LoIS Parcel for corporate customers is web based, and users only need to follow a link rather than install a separate program. The service is easily accessible on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, and two-step authentication keeps personal information secure. At the same time, LoIS Parcel is significantly faster than the system it replaced. 

CJ Logistics plans to harness data analytics to elevate the quality of its delivery services. The upgraded system integrates a real-time monitoring and data analysis platform that prevents delays, improves customer satisfaction, and optimizes the deployment of resources. 

“With LoIS Parcel, we’re taking a proactive approach to meeting our customers’ needs, now and in the future,” said Choi Woo-seok, head of CJ Logistics’ O-NE division. “We remain committed to improving our services and advancing the parcel industry through ongoing investment.”


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