CJ Logistics America Opening Storage Warehouse in Kansas City

image of CJ logisitics warehouse located in Kanas on a bright sunny day

CJ Logistics America announced today that it will be opening a new cold storage warehouse in New Century, Kansas, just 30 miles outside of Kansas City. Developed in a joint venture by Yukon Real Estate Partners, a national cold storage developer, and BGO, a global leader in cold storage real estate, the project boasts a rail-served 291,000 square foot warehouse complete with Alta EXPERT refrigeration and is targeted to open its doors in Q3 2025.

The new warehouse facility will be attached to Upfield’s New Century production plant through an above-ground conveyor bridge being constructed by Upfield and allowing its finished product to be delivered directly into the warehouse. Upfield, a global leader in plant-based food, produces iconic brands such as Country Crock®, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter® and Imperial® at the New Century manufacturing facility.

There is currently 100,000 square feet available at the warehouse for other customers looking for space as well.

The New Century cold storage facility is ideally positioned less than four miles from Interstate 35 and 11 miles from the newly developed BNSF Railway transcontinental line intermodal facility. The project is strategically located to take advantage of best-in-class access throughout the Midwest. With a direct rail spur into the warehouse, customers will benefit tremendously by realizing material savings on their overall logistics costs including drayage and demurrage, less environmental emissions and increased shipping efficiency, both domestic and cross-border. Whether by highway, rail or air, the greater Kansas City market offers excellent transportation advantages as approximately 85% of the United States is reachable within two days.

“The opening of this new facility continues the momentum from our announcement earlier this year of our new cold storage warehouse in Gainesville, Georgia,” said CJ Logistics America CEO Kevin Coleman. “We see the frozen and refrigerated food market increasing significantly in the coming years. Both of these new buildings expand our capabilities and reach, positioning CJ Logistics as a top supply chain and logistics partner. We are so excited for this long-term partnership with a leading brand like Upfield, and we thank Yukon Real Estate and BGO for their support throughout this process.”

”We are excited about this project as it fits squarely with Upfield’s sustainability focus and sets us up for future growth efficiency, allowing us to streamline our U.S. supply chain as we build around our New Century factory,” said Byron Alvarez, Upfield’s North America Supply Chain Director.

Ronnie Gomes, Upfield New Century Factory Director, added, “Upfield employees are enthusiastic about the company’s ongoing investment and the potential as a growth engine in the Johnson County Airport Commission industrial park. The forward-thinking approach lends itself to new possibilities and opportunities that benefit all stakeholders, while reducing our carbon footprint truck traffic, pivotal considerations in winning support of the project by the residents of the community. We look forward to the partnership with CJ Logistics and continued investment in New Century and the greater Kansas City Area.”

“Yukon is thrilled to partner with CJ Logistics to provide Upfield with a competitive logistics and transportation solution for their New Century plant,” stated Marty Khait, Managing Principal of Yukon Real Estate Partners. “CJ has showcased a customer-centric approach that has proven invaluable in designing the project.”

“This project necessitated an innovative solution to connect the two buildings, with active railway situated between them. We are proud to have overcome this challenge with an above-ground, over-rail conveyor bridge structure. The physical connection and integration of the new warehouse with Upfield’s existing production facility exemplify the parties’ long-term dedication to maximizing the efficiency and sustainability of the factory’s operations,” added Axel Anderson, Director of Development for Yukon Real Estate Partners.

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