Business Innovation of e-commerce logistics, 'CJ Logistics e-fulfillment' service opened
If you order by midnight, the parcel will arrive the next day
2020. 04. 24

Innovation of e-commerce logistics, 'CJ Logistics e-fulfillment' service opened If you order by midnight, the parcel will arrive the next day

CJ Logistics recently entered into a fulfillment contract with LG Household & Health Care, and began to provide the fulfillment service, i.e. delivering the products of LG Household & Health Care, sold in brand stores, to customers within 24 hours. As a result, CJ Logistics is expected to standardize the fulfillment service and bring innovation to traditional e-commerce logistics.


The center of CJ Logistics e-fulfillment service, ‘Mega-Hub Gonjiam’

Fulfillment means that a logistics company provides overall services from collecting consumers’ orders to parcel sorting, packaging and delivery. In particular, when online shopping is thriving these days, specialized e-commerce fulfillment service is what logistics companies need the most. If the seller sends the product to the logistics center, all logistics processes from inventory management to delivery will be taken care of. CJ Logistics’ fulfillment service is a specialized fulfillment service for e-commerce products. It is called ‘CJ Logistics e-fulfillment.’

As fulfillment service must process millions of parcels in real time, a high level of operational expertise and competency in logistical information technology are necessary. What enables this service is the ‘mega-hub of CJ Logistics, Gonjiam.’ which is the Asia’s largest home delivery infrastructure with the most advanced equipment. The ‘Mega-Hub Gonjiam,’ is a large logistics center that was constructed in the consideration of fulfillment service from the design phase. Through the latest automatic cargo sorter, it is possible to sort and ship 1.7 million boxes a day.

풀필먼트센터The automatic sorter inside the Mega-Hub Gonjiam and the sorted parcels in the warehouse

Fulfillment service maximizes the benefits of consumers and e-commerce enterprises

CJ Logistics is now providing comprehensive service for the products sold in brand stores through this fulfillment contract with LG Household & Health Care. When products arrive at the fulfillment center of the ‘mega-hub Gonjiam’ in advance and they are ordered, these items will move from the fulfillment center to the hub terminal and they will be shipped across the country.

This fulfillment service can maximize customer benefits by saving time and cost. As the step of parcel delivery specialists collecting products from the logistics centers of distribution companies and manufacturers and sending them to the hub terminal is omitted, the customers can order a product by midnight of the previous night and receive it within 12 hours.

Also, as sellers can receive orders for a longer time, customer satisfaction will increase, and CJ Logistics takes care of inventory management and delivery, sellers have to worry less about logistical processes. It is like killing two birds with one stone. As the logistical processes are simplified, product stability will increase, and it will be possible to flexibly respond to rapid increases in volume. It is an advantage that cannot be left out.

Fulfillment service, which brings trust and convenience to enhance the life of consumers, is already a global trend. Global e-commerce companies like Amazon and Alibaba or global logistics companies like DHL, FedEx and UPS have already implemented this . As CJ Logistics streamlines service for large customers, it is expected to bring big changes to e-commerce logistics in Korea. Keep watching on what CJ Logistics will do to fulfill customers’ expectations globally.


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