TES TES advances logistics sites with new technology Launching the ‘TES Innovation Center’ to become a global innovative logistics company
2020. 05. 25

TES advances logistics sites with new technology

Drones will deliver the parcels to your home just 30 minutes after the order is made. Hundreds of robots will incessantly pick up parcels 24 hours a day from the unmanned logistics center. It seems that these dream-like events will soon become a reality. 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, e.g. AI, big data and IoT, are being applied to the logistics sites around the world one after another. To quickly respond to these rapid changes in the logistics environment, CJ Logistics launched the ‘TES Innovation Center,’ the largest in the industry, accelerating the advancement of the logistics industry in last April.

On the map image, a still cut of the simulated image of the DynaMIX Truck

Reinforcing R&D, consulting and big data with a new name and a new organization

TES  is short for Technology, Engineering, Systems & Solutions. It refers to the core technologies that CJ Logistics pursues to grow into a global logistics company. While the traditional logistics research center, established in 2013, simply established and carried out TES strategies, the TES Innovation Center is able to go a step further, and play a pivotal role in consulting and developing technologies reflecting the latest trends.

Not only was the name of the research center, but also its organization changed. In particular, Four departments were newly established; the ‘Future Technology Development’ Department, which will lead advanced technologies, e.g. the robot technology, autonomous transportation, wearable equipment and environment-friendly packaging technology, the ‘SCM Consulting’ Department, which will provide customers with most efficient and least expensive customized solutions, the ‘Operation Optimization’ Department, which will take charge of logistics center optimization design and optimization of transportation routes, and the ‘Big Data Analysis’ Department, which will analyze the largest volume of domestic logistics big data and provides customized information to customers. The TES Innovation Center will concentrate on reinforcing super outstanding competencies in R&D and advanced technologies with these 4 teams playing the central role.

Concentrating on development and introduction of new technologies that will realize logistics automation

Smart logistics robots working in the logistics warehouse

CJ Logistics is researching and developing the power chute that helps delivery workers who have to pile up heavy objects repeatedly, and the technology for automated loading and unloading in hub terminals while aiming to introduce unmanned forklifts that will replace manual labor and the AI-based amorphous object-picking technology by the end of the year. Some systems are already field-tested, and according to test results, they may be commercialized in 2~3 years. After these technologies are actually applied to the sites, they are expected to greatly reduce the burden of the simplest and most strenuous jobs, bringing big innovation to logistics sites.

Into a global logistics company that will lead to the advancement of logistics sites

You can check the management philosophy of CJ Group, i.e. ‘Pursuing innovative growth in preparation for the future’ in the TES Innovation Center. In the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution, CJ Logistics selected advanced logistics R&D, smart logistics consulting and reinforcement of solution competency as its new growth engines, planning to use the TES Innovation Center in order to become a global top-tier logistics company.

TES situation room where Kim Gyeong-hoon, director of the TES Innovation Center, is looking at the monitor

“We will introduce 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, such as smart technology and unmanned technology, to transform the functional logistics based on manpower, e.g. storage, loading & unloading, and transportation, into advanced logistics,” said Kim Gyeong-hoon, director of the TES Innovation Center in an interview with a media. "We will lead future growth on the basis of the performance of the TES Innovation Center, and become a global logistics company recognized by customers for our advanced technologies.” He went on to say. “Robots will work like humans, we will see the future through data, and we will make a system in which we can provide logistics service that customers want by implementing logistics services that are always connected,” and predicted that CJ Logistics will lead the paradigm of the future logistics industry.

CJ Logistics is playing a key and leading role in helping the logistics industry, which once used to be considered as the ‘sticky-floor job,’ transform into an advanced industry. Through endless changes and innovation, it will lead the logistics industry, and use the TES Innovation Center to advance logistics sites. Be sure to look forward to the future of CJ Logistics that will take another bold step forward.

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