CSV CJ Logistics leading the age of zero-waste logistics. Delivering in electric trucks, and packaging with environment-friendly shock-absorbing packing materials!
2020. 11. 24

CJ Logistics leading the age of zero-waste logistics

In this the ‘Zero Waste’ era, we must go beyond protecting eco-friendly environment. Consumers are well aware of environmental protection is also increasing day after day. As a global logistics company, CJ Logistics also engages in various environment-friendly activities not only in logistics, but also in every aspect of our lives. This article will cover the latest news on the environment-friendly activities of CJ Logistics.

Introducing environment-friendly electric trucks ‘for the first time in the industry’ and taking the lead in reducing greenhouse gases

Celebration in front of the environment-friendly electric vehicle charging station

In October 2020, CJ Logistics started using one-ton electric trucks for delivery for the first time in the parcel delivery service industry. At first, 4 electric trucks are deployed in Gunpo, Gyeonggi-do and Ulsan on a trial basis. The electric trucks, which were introduced after years of testing, can be driven 180km with one charge, and as they can be fully charged in one hour, their performance is as good as non-electric trucks. The electric trucks were introduced for the purpose of gradually reducing greenhouse gases emitted by delivery vehicles, the main means of transportation used for delivery. CJ Logistics is planning to replace all vehicles with environment-friendly cars by 2030, and in line with the increased supply of electric trucks, it will gradually increase the number of EV charging stations and lead the age of green mobility.


Increasing recycling and reducing plastics by developing environment-friendly shock-absorbing packaging materials!
Parcel delivery service always brings a lot of joy to us. Looking at all the waste, e.g. the packing materials used for protection of parcels, however, would make everyone feel put off by this. CJ Logistics developed environment-friendly paper shock-absorbing packaging materials in October to reduce the use of unnecessary plastics or vinyl through joint research with paper-manufacturing companies, and began to introduce them for the packing boxes of customers.

Environment-friendly paper packing materials and CJ Logistics delivery boxes

Usually, plastic shock-absorbing packing materials are used to fill up the empty space for the purpose of protecting the content in the packaging process. If environment-friendly shock-absorbing packing materials, made of paper and barrier coating in replacing plastics, are used, parcels can be protected regardless of weight just by injecting air into the materials. After being used, they are classified as recyclable recycling waste, and they can be easily separated and collected at home. A joint patent for the paper shock-absorbing packing materials, which fully reflect customers’ need for zero waste, is pending, and CJ Logistics is planning to gradually expand its use starting with global customers.

The continuous green efforts were well received by the international community, e.g. it was included in the first group in the ‘UN Sustainable Development Goals Business Index’ again this year following since last year. CJ Logistics is taking the lead in activities to reduce greenhouse gases and plastics, and presents customers with the joy of good consumption for the sake of the Earth. It will keep striving to transform itself into a leader in the age of advanced green logistics.

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