2021. 10. 29

CJ Logistics is at the heart of innovative logistics connecting the world with technology. Logistics technology is made possible by CJ Logistics TES (Technology, Engineering Systems & Solutions), with robots working like humans, the future predicted based on data, and systems leading humans. Let’s look into some of the advanced logistics competency of CJ Logistics as it leads the logistics paradigm with customer-oriented logistics solutions combining state-of-the-art technology, optimal processes, and the ultimate in IT services as well as the announcement of the Core Technology Master Plan.

Future value moving beyond innovation: Logistics technology by CJ Logistics

01 혁신을 넘어 미래 가치로, CJ대한통운 혁신물류기술

CJ Logistics has been leading the logistics industry in Korea with constant changes and innovations based on the ultimate logistics operation know-how built over 90 years. To break away from the supplier-centered mindset of the past and provide optimum services for customers, CJ Logistics is accelerating change focused on digital competencies and establishing differentiated TES competencies based on data. The extended application scope of robots and the active use of AI and big data analytics are accelerating the evolution of logistics into an intelligent logistics process that connects various shippers and logistics companies through the IT platform.

Recently, TES Logistics Technology Research Institute selected and announced the 12 Core Technologies that are the most important considering each business strategy of CJ Logistics as well as the technology trends. The key points of the TES Core Technology Master Plan include field automation adopting robotic technology, optimization of constant operations based on AI and big data, and DT-based system establishment.

CJ Logistics will secure technological competencies that lead the logistics paradigm by perfectly implementing the TES Master Plan and successfully expanding the platform business in areas such as e-commerce and parcel delivery, which are the growth engines for the future, with a focus on TES competency advancement based on data, thereby growing into a major leader of logistics.

Advanced automation technology with robots working like humans

로봇이 사람처럼 일하는 첨단자동화 기술

The logistics industry is heading toward the era of advanced automation with robots working like humans shifting away from the era in which humans worked like robots. The logistics competencies of CJ Logistics include not only process-oriented technologies, such as sorting, picking, and packaging, but also new technologies represented by mobile robots, depalletizers, and green packaging, as well as future technologies, such as automation of loading/unloading and autonomous driving.
The robot-based automation technology for the highly labor-intensive parcel handling process ensures stable productivity and reduces safety hazards. The sorting and packaging process automation technology within the logistics centers has become an essential technology that increases the productivity of fulfillment service, such as e-commerce.

Moreover, the unmanned transport and delivery technology using self-driving trucks and drones is essential for the cost optimization of long-distance transport and differentiated delivery services in the city. There is also green logistics technology, which is one of the 12 TES Core Technologies. CJ Logistics is creating a sustainable future logistics industry by leading the Green Survival trend with a transportation system that reduces environmental loads and with green packaging technology.   

The future of the logistics industry predicted by data


So far, the future has been predicted based on experience. Now though, it is based on data. CJ Logistics TES Logistics Technology Research Institute analyzes the logistics industry by combining the operational and external data that is incurred through business activities. What then are some of the logistics engineering technologies of CJ Logistics that are building the foundation for innovation by turning all kinds of data into assets, from dynamic pricing to network advancement technology and technology consulting? They include transport and delivery network optimization technology, logistics automation system design technology, logistics center simulation analysis technology, and logistics consulting and sales proposal methodology.

The logistics engineering technology of CJ Logistics helps the company make the necessary transport and delivery plans by analyzing efficiency and automation based on optimized algorithms, and the high-efficiency automation logistics center design technology increases profitability of logistics business. The essential simulation model development technology improves operational productivity and reduces costs. Specialized consulting is provided through industry segmentation and specialization methodology, which ensures competitiveness. In addition, optimized solutions are made based on accurate analysis and design competencies with the company’s intelligence technology that enables AI and big data analytics and forecasting.  

One-stop logistics systems that lead humans

사람을 리딩하는 원스톱 물류 시스템

The logistics systems and solutions of CJ Logistics are becoming new logistics technologies that lead humans. CJ Logistics is focusing on providing differentiated services by building AI and big data platforms, customized systems for delivery, e-commerce, and contract logistics, together with facility IT standard platforms through IT advancement based on digital transformation.

The company also developed ‘eFLEx,’ the industry’s first one-stop e-commerce convergence system from orders and management to the settlement of various expenses and last-mile delivery. The key to this logistics innovation is the logistics operation data system and the automated facility operation system, which are considered major IT platform technologies of CJ Logistics. The logistics operation data system integrates customized logistics operation information for each business throughout all sectors. The efficient operation software technology for automated facilities improves work convenience by continuously increasing productivity.

Core Technology Master Plan opens a new prospect in logistics

핵심기술 마스터플랜, 물류의 새 지평 열다

On October 20th, CJ Logistics announced the TES Core Technology Master Plan with a new mission and vision. The declaration ceremony began with the opening video on the core competencies of CJ Logistics that will lead future logistics at the heart of digital transformation along with the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the rapidly changing business environment.
Next, CEO Sin Ho Kang declared the future vision, followed by a presentation by TES Logistics Technology Research Institute Director Kyunghoon Kim, who shared the 12 core technologies as well as the master plan.

There was also a session for performance resolution of each organization, where young leaders representing each organization, such as CL, Parcel Business, e-Commerce, and Global Business, talked about their experiences and the changes brought about by TES, their expectations of CJ Logistics, and ambitions. In addition, there were sessions such as “Wise TES Life” with relay interviews of TES members in Korea and the U.S. and “Questions about TES” in which new employees asked questions about TES. In Part 2, the young leaders of TES Logistics Technology Research Institute introduced the major technologies of each sector, which was the highlight of the ceremony.


The fundamental value of logistics providing convenience in life and the future of logistics that will be led by CJ Logistics are all in line with the new prospect for logistics, being the first to find customer convenience and provide experiences they have never encountered before. Having led the innovation of logistics for a long time and having shaped the future of the industry, CJ Logistics will continue to connect the world with advanced technologies and become the company that leads the future.

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