Brand CJ Logistics Leads the Future of Logistics with Innovative Technology and Solutions
2021. 11. 30

What is it exactly that lies behind the long-standing global company that has surpassed its 90th anniversary and is now approaching its 100th year? To put it simply, it is a combination of elements, such as technological competitiveness, bold innovations without being intimidated by change, and a trusting relationship with customers that have made this all possible. Let’s take an inside look at companies in Korea and abroad that are driving innovations after nine decades of their foundation and CJ Logistics as it celebrates its 91st anniversary, starting with the company’s first footsteps, and continuing on to its innovative technology, engineering, and systems & solutions (TES) that are shaping the future of logistics.

Companies growing continuously for more than 90 years, driving innovations 

Prominent companies in Korea and abroad that have maintained the business for nearly a century have been able to do so through their endeavors to achieve new innovations. In June this year, Sweden’s Volvo Cars held a Tech Day, an event showcasing future technologies, such as next-generation security technology, and other latest car technologies for the first time. Here, Volvo declared that it would make a transition to a premium pure electric car company that complies with the highest level of safety standards and featuring autonomous driving capabilities by 2030.

The story of CJ Logistics with over 91 years of innovations 


On November 2021, CJ Logistics celebrated its 91st anniversary. Chosun Rice Warehousing and Chosun Transport founded in 1930 were the predecessors of CJ Logistics that opened the first chapter in Korea’s logistics history. On the ruins of the Korean War, they built up the logistics infrastructure with big dreams. In 1956, Chosun Transport became a listed company and showed remarkable growth. The company released what you could describe as being the origin of the Korean delivery service, Mister Michang, which offered a personalized parcel service. The company later transformed into a global logistics company starting with air forwarding.

While leading the logistics industry based on its advanced logistics technology and solutions, CJ GLS and Korea Express merged to make a historic breakthrough in the Korean logistics industry, creating the country’s leading comprehensive logistics company. Since then, it has offered logistics services for international events, inland transportation of private goods for the first time in the nation and even went on to build an office in China to make a full-fledged entrance into the international market.

In 2014, CJ Logistics launched Logistics 4.0 to become a centennial and innovative global logistics company. In 2016, the company opened the TES Innovation Center and accelerated the establishment of a global network in step with other top logistics companies. The company shifted the logistics paradigm by building the largest cutting-edge logistics hub in Asia, Gonjiam, and constructed Logis Park Dongtan and Yangji logistics centers tailored to customer needs. Like a river that flows quietly yet ever so elegantly, CJ Logistics has grown into a leader of logistics solutions over the course of 90 years. Throughout this process, CJ Logistics has brought about valuable outcomes in regional development and job creation.

CJ Logistics is poised to become a centurial company with TES 


CJ Logistics seeks to design the future of logistics with innovative technologies and strategies and to not simply be content with tradition. At the core of its endeavors lies TES, CJ Logistics’ key technologies. The TES Logistics Technology Research Center announced its key TES technology and primary plan at the TES Innovation Center in Dongtan, Gyeonggi-do.

Young leaders in charge of different TES sections presented and demonstrated their technology. The Technology section demonstrated their automated transport and packing technology, while the Engineering section presented center optimization technology based on simulation and pricing technology using big data. The System & Solution section introduced the AI/Big Data Platform, e-commerce parcel system, and facility control system.

CJ Logistics designs cutting-edge future logistics as a strategic investment towards an innovative logistics company
TES technologies based on robots, AI and data will guide us to the future of the logistics industry where robots will work like humans, we predict the future through data, and the system leads people.

CJ Logistics is on a journey towards the future. In this era of hyperconnectivity, differentiated technologies and outstanding capabilities of talented people will serve as the basis for growth. CJ Logistics will faithfully play the role of a global logistics company offering the optimum service that customers need by being one step ahead and realizing the heightened value of logistics.

Image source - Volvo, Hawaiian Airlines

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