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2021. 12. 28

This is the end of the year, a precious time when we decorate a dazzling tree, make a wish to Santa Claus, communicate with neighbors who need consolations and care. What plans have you made for the end of the year? CJ Logistics becomes busier during the holiday season with Christmas fast approaching. We are preparing facilities and increasing our logistics capacity to ship a massive volume of parcels sending love and affection to loved ones. That is not all. We are also sharing the warmth to marginalized neighbors. We’d like to show the inside story of CJ Logistics in the Christmas season as we practice the value of sharing while designing the future of logistics. 

A Drawing Diary Event for Sharing Memories of Christmas


Shall we go back to our childhood waiting for Christmas with our hearts aflutter in anticipation of the gifts? CJ Logistics held a Drawing Diary Event aimed at sharing the excitement of Christmas between November 15 and December 3, 2021. We received 529 stories that contained the unforgettable memories and joy of Christmas. We selected 20 outstanding stories that tell cherished memories of Christmas and sent home party packages from CJ Logistics. Now, let’s take a look at these stories, from the innocent sparks of joy of little children and the memories of childhood when they believed in the story of Santa.

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This year, we received a heart-warming message about a 7-year-old child who is concerned because he fought with his sibling and that he would probably not get a Christmas gift this year, and another message that brought us to tears of two girls who made a surprise visit to their dad’s workplace and played Christmas carols with violin and flute on Christmas Eve. The two girls were probably Santa for their dad.


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Charity, Volunteer Activities - Sharing the Warmth with local community 
With Christmas and the year-end approaching, CJ Logistics gave donations and engaged in charity to share the warmth with neighbors. The kimchi sharing event, which has taken place for 14 years, was held again this year. We delivered 1,990 boxes (approximately 20 tons) to Yaksu Senior Welfare Center in Jung-gu, Seoul, as well as local children centers, senior welfare facilities, and facilities for people with disabilities across the nation.

CJ Logistics will offer free shipping for equipment used to collect donations for the Salvation Army. This is an important job delivering hope across the country by carrying the red kettles, handbells, piggy banks, and clothing. We hope that the beautiful sound of the Salvation Army bells rings across the country.

The caring heart of CJ Logistics employees was sent to Banten and Tanerang, Indonesia, areas with power shortages. CJ Logistics employees made 760 solar lanterns and donated them to a school where children from low-income families went, becoming a “light of hope” for them. We received a moving letter from the students at the school, saying, “Now, we can do homework even after the power is out. Thank you so much for giving us these lanterns. We are so happy!” This charity work that shares the love with the marginalized groups and provides practical support to the local communities will continue this year and in the upcoming year.

Expansion of Advanced Logistics Automation System in Preparation for the Year-end Season 
Have you expressed your thanks to people you are grateful for as the year closes? CJ Logistics is making all-out preparations for the year-end with a sharp increase in parcel shipments in order to deliver the love, joy, and happiness of customers more quickly and safely. 
We are planning on deploying about 170 automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) by the end of the year in major logistics centers including the mega hub Gonjiam and Gunpo. It is assuring to have these robots that’ll crisscross inside the logistics centers and work hard based on differentiated capabilities and advanced technology.

We have installed more multi points (MPs) that automatically sort small parcels. By the end of the year, we will invest KRW 140 billion and install them in 40 sub terminals where deliverers work. Medium and large sized parcels will be sorted by wheel sorters, while small parcels will be sorted by MPs. In this way, we can reduce the sorting time significantly. So, this year, you don’t need to worry about any delivery crisis thanks to our automated facility that will reduce not only the work hours but the work intensity of our delivery workers.

Make Cherished Memories of Christmas with CJ Logistics!
In Christmas, the most romantic time of the year, we are all busy decorating our homes and selecting the right gifts to send our love to our loved ones. This is the reason the volume of parcels, from Christmas decorations to toys as gifts for children, and to electric devices skyrockets at this time every year.

According to CJ Logistics’ delivery volume data for December 2020, the shipment increased in the second and third week of December compared to the previous week by 34.4% and 6.6%, respectively, in preparation for Christmas.

Shall we take a look at the delivery volume of Christmas-related items? Party supplies that will increase the excitement of the Christmas holidays soared by 78% in the second week of December compared to the previous week. It is also worth noting the number of decorative mini light bulbs, such as cotton ball bulbs, cherry bulbs, and string bulbs. It looks like there are more people having home parties and preparing for Christmas due to the pandemic.

Compared to the first week of December, the volume escalated by 53.1% in the second week and 19.4% in the third week. Let's look into the quantity of electric scooters and console games, popular choices as gifts. The number increased by 55.9% against the previous week, while the figure surged by 58% for console games like the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.

There is an increased number of people buying Polaroid cameras for recording delightful moments and pasta meal kits that can create the mood of eating out even at home since there are fewer people going out to eat in the aftermath of the pandemic.

CJ Logistics will always deliver love, joy, and happiness to the world so our customers can pile up the small joys of life like a sparkling heap of white snow.

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