Business A Journey for Future Logistics Innovation, 6 Keywords of CJ Logistics in 2022
2023. 01. 05

How did you spend this year when your daily life was back to normal with ‘Endemic’? From customer-oriented cutting-edge innovative technologies to the remarkable part K-Logistics played on the global stage, to the global ESG management considered from the environmental and social perspectives, let's take a look at 2022, which was the unforgettable year for CJ Logistics as well.




CJ Logistics is achieving innovation in K-Logistics by introducing technologies that reflect the latest trends such as robots, artificial intelligence, and big data. For the first time in the industry, we have introduced the self-driving transportation robot that automatically transports delivery boxes on behalf of workers, and based on the ‘Digital Twin’ technology, we've created a virtual space identical to a real logistics center to pull up the level of the high-tech logistics.

CJ Logistics has also secured a competitive edge in its own super-gap technology by developing state-of-the-art logistics technologies in-house and registering patents, such as ‘optimization of order picking’ using big data and algorithms and ‘algorithm for calculating the optimal box size per order’. CJ Logstics will continue to lead the future logistics market by initiating the advancement of the logistics industry.



CJ Logistics is leading the digital transformation in the logistics market by actively introducing digital systems. Starting with the opening of the 'E-Commerce Logistics Simple Estimation System', which allows you to receive a real-time customized estimate for fulfillment services on mobile or web, we've launched new customer-focused digital logistics services, including 'LoIS Forwarders', which provides one-stop forwarding services, and 'the unban', a transportation platform forming a connecting link between consignors and car owners.

The logistics system has also been improved through constant upgrades of existing services. We launched ‘eFLEXs-M’, which is a mobile app version of ‘eFLEXs’, an integrated e-Commerce logistics management system, and expanded its application of the digital forwarding system ‘Q-Bridge 2.0’ to 9 countries overseas. Plus, for the customers who want to track when they are going to receive the order, the ‘CJ Logistics Parcel Delivery App’, which has significantly improved functions from the user’s point of view, and the ‘Courier Delivery AI Chatbot 2.0’ upgraded with more powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technology have started their full-scale operation. We look forward to CJ Logistics' cutting-edge digital service that is always there for customers! 



CJ Logistics is strengthening its logistics cooperation system with various customers and is further expanding its business areas with new ideas by offering idea contests. Paying attention to the opinions of consumers that the essence of convenience comes not only from ‘delivery speed’ but also from ‘delivery assurance’, and started the ‘Arrival Guarantee’ service in cooperation with Naver and Cafe24.

New ideas are the basis for innovation in logistics. For young logistics dreamers, we hold the ‘Logistics Innovation Idea PT Contest’ and the ‘CJ Logistics Future Technology Challenge’, which are contests for innovative logistics technology and IT fields, to discover creative ideas and take off as an innovative technology company. CJ Logistics will continue to lay the groundwork for future logistics through cooperation with creative talents and various clients.



'CJ Logistics America', an integrated US subsidiary of CJ Logistics, was selected as the '2022 Green Supply Chain Partner', and then it received the '2022 Quest for Quality Award', proving its competitiveness in the US logistics market. In addition, starting with the introduction of the 'Conveyance Algorithm' developed by the TES Logistics Technology Research Institute of CJ Darcl, a global affiliate based in India, automated logistics systems verified in Korea were applied locally to Malaysia and Vietnam to show a dramatic increase in productivity. The ‘Logistics Expert Advanced Course’, a training course to become a logistices expert, has received a good feedback by involving employees from local subsidiaries in Southeast Asia.

This year, CJ Logistics-sponsored golf players showed tremendous perfomances on the global stage. Kyoung-Hoon Lee won two consecutive victories at AT&T Byron Nelson on the PGA Tour, and Joo-Hyung Kim, who won his first PGA Tour victory at the last Wyndham Championship, achieved two victories in two months, becoming the youngest player in PGA Tour history following Tiger Woods in 26 years. It was a feat to win the two rounds. As the brand of CJ Logistics, engraved on the players' caps and clothes, was exposed to viewers around the world through relay broadcasting, the brand was widely known to the world as a global company. 

ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)


In 2022, CJ Logistics joined hands with various brands and practiced green logistics on various levels. Together with Twosome Place and LocknLock, we launched eco-friendly goods made by upcycling waste plastic, and established a platform to reuse and recycle plastic cosmetic containers with LG Chem and Inner Bottle. Also, we took the lead in green logistics by collecting transparent PET bottles discharged from hotels in cooperation with 12 organizations including the Ministry of Environment. Together with Kia, we jointly developed the ‘CJ Logistics Purpose-Based Vehicle (PBV)’ and introduced electric delivery vehicles to Starbucks store delivery vehicles.

In addition, we made solar lanterns and delivered them to countries with energy shortages, and resumed face-to-face volunteer activities with employees, which had been suspended due to COVID-19, and delivered lunch boxes of love. We are also continuing the 9-year-old support project for free delivery of Salvation Army donation pot. CJ Logistics is being reborn as a global ESG management company through sustainable green logistics and steady activities to share with a society.



It was a year in which we put more effort into creating a flexible and horizontal corporate culture. To be specific, the supportive leadership shone through by increasing communication opportunities with employees of the MZ generation and creating an environment in which they can focus on their work.

We introduced the 'Smart Selective Work System' that allows for autonomous selection of work hours, and operated the 'Leader Contest', in which leaders are elected through open internal recruitment, opening up opportunities for anyone to take on a challenge. CJ Darcl, a global affiliate of CJ Logistics, received the certification of ‘2022-2023 India's Great Place to Work’ from ‘GPTW (Great Place to Work)’, a global research institute specializing in corporate culture, and has established itself as a logistics company that carries out global ESG management activities.


CJ Logistics' efforts to establish itself as a global logistics company from Korea's representative logistics company have produced meaningful results in various fields this year as well. From logistics innovation to sustainable ESG management, CJ Logistics will continue to devote itself to the meticulous care. Please keep an eye on CJ Logistics' great performance next year!

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