2017 KS-SQI: CJ Logistics ranked No.1 Parcel Service Company for the second consecutive year.

2017 KS-SQI: CJ Logistics ranked No.1 Parcel Service Company for the second consecutive year

Korea’s leading logistics service provider, CJ Logistics ranked first on the 2017 KS-SQI for the second consecutive year.

CJ Logistics (CEO Keun-Tae Park) said on October 25 it ranked first on the 2017 KS-SQI announced by the Korea Standards Association (KSA), for the second consecutive year.

Korean Standard-Service Quality Index (KS-SQI), jointly developed by Korea Standards Association and Seoul National University Institute of Management Research in 2000 is a service quality evaluation model. KS-SQI, being recognized both at home and abroad is an indicator that measures quality level of service industry players. CJ Logistics earned 74.2 and made the top in the category of parcel service.

CJ Logistics – a descendant of Korea’ first warehousing and logistics company Chosun Michang and Chosun Unsong founded in 1930 – is the dominant service provider in Korea’s logistics marketplace. Today, the company delivers a world class service in business areas including ocean shipping and stevedoring, land and railway transport, TPL (3PL), parcel service and ultra-heavy cargo transport.

The domestic market leader serviced 904 million packages and 501 million packages by the end of 2016 and first half of 2017 respectively. Also, the go-ahead company expands investments both in service upgrade and assets acquisition that will bring a better customer service.

In April, CJ Logistics launched the “Early Bird Delivery Service” to meet increasing retort pouch consumption. Dedicated distribution terminals and last-mile delivery drivers successfully created an excellent customer experiences. The “Anxiety-free Service” which enables customers to receive a photo of delivered package taken by responsible service personnel is a good example of customer impression.

CJ Logistics provides a highly customer-oriented mobile app service. CJL mobile app supports real-time tracking (for both CJL’s and other service providers’), pickup reservation and return. Push notifications enable users to know when a last-mile driver will visit.

New distribution terminal, automation system and logistics assets that create a better customer experience.

Asia’s largest and sophisticated mega-hub terminal, costing approximately 400 billion Korean won is now under construction in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do. The cutting edge infrastructure will be powered by the world’s first and sole automated unloading system and cargo-container recognition system that can decrease a sortation time while increase process efficiency. Once it starts commercial operations, an improved customer experience will be realized by doubled last-mile deliveries in a day and a delivery at the customer preferred time.

Recently, the company made another bold investment of 122.7 billion won to upgrade its sub-terminals across the country. The automated sortation and conveyor system ‘Wheel-Sorter’ increases sorting productivity significantly and last-mile drivers’ working condition will become more flexible. Also, customers can receive their packages by any time before noon. This is a truly next-level service. Besides remarkable fixed asset investments, CJ Logistics develops CSR-oriented business models, represented by the Senior Parcel Delivery Service. This unique business model creates jobs for seniors who deliver parcel packages on electric cart to their communities from dedicated drop-off points which are usually located inside apartment complexes and around residential areas. For this, the company already set up 160 base stations throughout the country. The Senior Parcel Delivery Service, recently named to the Fortune’s list of the world’s top 50 companies and gaining global attention is not only help seniors to become more independent financially but also customers to access to logistics service at their arm’s length.

The company does not overlook internal customers’ satisfaction. Especially, the last-mile drivers are entitled to a sizable benefit package including subsidy scheme for school children, regular medical checkup and family occasion allowances. An extraordinary compensation well represents CJ Logistics’ management policy of ‘Win-Win Partnership.’

The official said that “As an industrial leader, we are responsible for furnishing excellent service, creating customer values and advancing logistics systems.” “CJ Logistics will meet any requirements and needs of customers, and thereby contributing to a better quality of life” he added.

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