CJ Logistics engages in ‘New Normal talent donation activity’ with global employees

- Reading fairy tale books in foreign languages in the ‘Book-reading Foreign Language Village’ event… global employees also participated
- Using the voice of a native speaker to produce YouTube videos for children’s education with the Local Senior Welfare Service Center in Seoul, Korea.
- Using various languages, including English, Chinese and Japanese … providing support so that more foreign employees can participate

Members of CJ Logistics America reading fairy tale books while recording the actual voice.

In the New Normal era, the social contribution activities of CJ Logistics are changing.

“Y-you are flying!” Rachel Stierwalt, who lives in Chicago, US, recently took time after work to read ‘Elephant & Piggie,’ a fairy tale book for children and recorded it. At about the same time, Gaoyao Qing (高瑶卿) in Shanghai, China, also read a fairy tale book in Chinese and recorded it. They are foreign employees of CJ Logistics. The recorded voice files were used to produce educational YouTube videos for children.

CJ Logistics said on August 17 that the company held the ‘Book-reading Foreign Language Village’ event in which foreign employees of CJ Logistics participated as part of the ‘New Normal talent donation activity.’

The ‘Book-reading Foreign Language Village’ is a volunteer activity in which CJ Logistics employees and senior volunteers of the Local Senior Welfare Service Center worked together to read foreign-language fairy tale books for children in the local community. This year, in response to COVID-19, it chose to produce YouTube videos containing orally narrated fairy tales.

In particular, not only local employees of CJ Logistics, but also foreign employees participated in this volunteer activity, making it more meaningful. Employees of CJ Logistics America and CJ Rokin, a global family company in China, participated in recording fairy tales in English and Chinese respectively, and producing YouTube videos.

The ‘New Normal talent donation activity’ is part of the social contribution activities in line with the New Normal age in which globalization and non-contact programs are commonplace, and a volunteer program for providing the files of the fairy tale books read by the local and foreign employees of CJ Logistics to children in the local community. The files sent by American and Chinese employees, etc. were used to produce educational YouTube videos for children.

“This is the first time I read a fairy tale book in a long time. It was a meaningful time for returning to the innocence of my childhood,” said Rachel Stierwalt, an employee of CJ Logistics America, who participated in the volunteer work. “I tried to get immersed in the role and enjoy reading it as much as possible, hoping that Korean children will like it.”

You can watch the foreign-language fairy tale YouTube videos, recorded by foreign employees, on the official YouTube channel of the Local Senior Welfare Service Center. CJ Logistics is planning to take this opportunity to make concerted efforts to have more foreign employees donate their talent in cooperation with the Local Senior Welfare Service Center.

“In the New Normal era, social contribution activities are gradually changing,” said a CJ Logistics official. “We will make efforts to plan various contactless social-contribution activities, and ensure that not only local employees, but also foreign employees can participate in it.”

Meanwhile, CJ Logistics has been providing the ‘Book-reading Foreign Language Village’ service, i.e. a YouTube video service comprising the reading of fairy tale books in foreign languages together with the Local Senior Welfare Service Center, since last June. Until now, more than 10 educational videos of famous fairy tales for children, e.g. Hansel and Gretel, the Grasshopper and the Ant, and Three Little Pigs, are on YouTube, and you can watch them in various languages, such as English, Chinese and Japanese.

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