CJ Logistics Accelerating International Target Strategy With Globally Integrated Forwarding System

- Introducing a full-scale operation of new integrated forwarding system, Q-Bridge 2.0, increases the user convenience
- Extends application to nine foreign countries including the U.S. and China 
- Enhanced features reflect the country-specific nature of work and enhance operational capabilities through the establishment of standard processes
- Additional data analytics and portal functions provide clients with customized information.

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CJ Logistics is targeting the global market through the advancement of its cutting-edge digital forwarding system.

CJ Logistics announced on March 2, 2022 that it had begun the full-scale operation of its globally integrated forwarding system, Q-Bridge 2.0 (Q-Bridge). This system aims to increase user convenience by tailoring its features to reflect the unique needs of each country.

Q-Bridge is a digital forwarding system that can handle comprehensive logistics processes for imports and exports. Last year, CJ Logistics launched the system on-site, marking the first time individual forwarding systems used by its global subsidiaries and affiliates were consolidated into a single system.

With the introduction of this upgraded system, CJ Logistics expanded its application to nine countries in charge of forwarding tasks including the U.S., China, Japan and Vietnam. The company has added a variety of functions that reflect the specific work tasks performed in each country and is enhancing its operational capabilities by establishing global standard processes.

Q-Bridge’s customer portal maximizes system visibility and creates a more user-friendly system.>

Specifically, CJ Logistics has added data analysis and portal functions to increase the system’s visibility and maximize user convenience. The system also meets its users’ reporting needs, housing the ability to generate customized integrated reports. By providing information like the volume of goods to be delivered for each customer, clients can produce their monthly performance records based on the accumulated data in Q-Bridge. CJ Logistics also included a customized portal function that allows customers, salespeople and operation managers to view necessary data and changes in trends at a glance.

In order to establish a paperless work environment, CJ Logistics made upgrades to its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service. This upgrade made it possible to easily settle accounts and process shipping documents, tasks which were previously done by hand, through the use of electronic documents. With the improvements, human errors that occur when users enter information related to forwarding tasks are minimized while providing a smooth information exchange between countries through process standardization.

Furthermore, the Q-Bridge system has reduced simple repetitive tasks through the extended application of robotic process automation (RPA). A function that allows custom clearance tasks, which occur during the logistics process of imports and exports, to be processed at one time has also been added to the new system.

“We have actively reflected the needs and requirements of our overseas subsidiaries and client companies across the world,” said Young Ho Jang, Director of Forwarding at CJ Logistics. “Through the introduction of our cutting-edge Q-Bridge system, we will provide personalized customer service by establishing a global standard process and optimizing operations.”

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