CJ Logistics Launches ‘Guaranteed Delivery Date’

- The new program will provide guaranteed next-day delivery for orders placed before 12 a.m. for 90% of the country.

CJ대한통운 풀필먼트센터에서 운영중인 AGV(고정노선 운송로봇). 작업자가 터치스크린으로 상품을 호출하면 피킹 AGV가 상품을 가져오고, 소비자 주문에 맞는 상품을 꺼내 박스에 옮기면 이송 AGV가 박스를 들고 상품을 검수하는 곳까지 가져다준다.

CJ Logistics announced that it has joined hands with Naver, Korea’s largest search engine, to launch the ‘Guaranteed Delivery Date’ that will be rolled out this December.

The data-based logistics service will provide a 12 a.m. order closing service to sellers and buyers, ensuring all orders placed by midnight are dispatched the next day. Upon placing an order, the service will inform customers of the expected date of arrival using logistics data. CJ Logistics will then carry out the delivery of parcels on the expected arrival date using advanced logistics technology and the national delivery infrastructure.

CJ Logistics plans to maximize the quality of the service via the application of ‘converged fulfillment,’ a logistics solution that integrates high-tech-based fulfillment centers and its nationwide delivery infrastructure. All logistics processes, from product storage to delivery, are operated through a single system, enabling orders placed by 12 a.m. to be delivered the following day. The nationwide program will guarantee next-day delivery for more than 90% of Korea, aside from certain areas such as small remote islands or mountainous regions, allowing not only those in densely populated cities to receive parcels but also those in relatively more remote areas as well.

The Guaranteed Delivery Date utilizes artificial intelligence to predict consumer orders and is equipped with optimized operation processes, resulting in increased work efficiency at the fulfillment centers. In addition to this, the digital twin technology enables the logistics flow to be maintained at a consistent level by monitoring the status of each process and identifying bottlenecks that may occur in advance. Additionally, pairing regular monitoring with automated technology in both the delivery hub and subterminal allows for smoother delivery, strengthening the stability of the overall delivery process.

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