CJ Logistics signs a fulfillment MOU with Cafe24 for the ‘guaranteed delivery’ service

- CJ Logistics, an innovative technology company that is leading the logistics industry and e-commerce platform, will be cooperating with Cafe24 in building a comprehensive fulfillment system.
- MOU on providing fulfillment for online commerce businesses … extensive cooperation on guaranteed delivery, international express delivery and more.

영수 CJ대한통운 택배•이커머스부문 대표(왼쪽)와 이재석 카페24 대표가 MOU 체결 후 기념촬영을 하고 있다.
▶ CJ Logistics signed a ‘MOU on providing fulfillment for online commerce businesses’ with Cafe24, a global e-commerce platform. Shin Young-soo, CEO of CJ Logistics' Delivery and e-Commerce Division (left), and Lee Jae-seok, CEO of Cafe24, after signing the MOU.

CJ Logistics announced on the 8th that it had signed an ‘MOU on providing fulfillment for online commerce businesses’ with Cafe24, a global e-commerce platform, on the 7th. The framework of the memorandum includes establishing specialized delivery services, such as ‘guaranteed delivery,’ advancing the logistics system through integration with an IT system and strengthening competitiveness of international express delivery based on the global network. Key management officials from both companies, including Shin Young-soo, CEO of CJ Logistics’ Delivery and e-Commerce Division, and Lee Jae-seok, CEO of Cafe24, attended the signing.

The cooperation will begin with the launch of the ‘Guaranteed delivery’ service starting in January next year. The service guarantees a specific delivery date for customers placing orders on online stores that use the Cafe24 platform. CJ Logistics will be responsible for delivering the orders exactly on the date guaranteed by the online stores.

CJ Logistics currently provides next-day delivery service, even for orders placed as late as 24:00 on the day before, based on its ‘convergent fulfillment’ system, which connects its technologically advanced fulfillment center and unrivaled nationwide infrastructure. The service applies to all regions nationwide, and not just to certain metropolitan areas. ‘Next-day arrival (D+1)’ is guaranteed in over 90% of the country, except for areas with geographical limitations, such as islands and mountainous regions.

IT-linked delivery service to facilitate immediate, seamless implementation … helping sellers save time and costs on rebuilding the system.

The two companies hope to maximize the convenience of B2B and B2C customers, including sellers and customers, by linking the fulfillment system of CJ Logistics and the e-commerce platform of Cafe24, through which sellers will be able to immediately adopt specialized services, such as ‘guaranteed delivery,’ to their online stores. Shoppers will also be able to access and use different delivery services offered by online stores effortlessly.

For online sellers, implementing a new delivery service in-house requires selecting the right IT solution provider and going through numerous trials and errors, making the process highly cost intensive and time consuming. The integration of the fulfillment system of CJ Logistics and the non-stop e-commerce service of Cafe24 is anticipated to help sellers save cost and time.

Cooperation on international express deliveries of Korean products…at competitive prices.

CJ Logistics will also be strengthening its cooperation with Cafe24 on international express deliveries as a way to increase the overseas sales volume of Korean products. The company will leverage the global logistics network of both companies to offer a stable overseas delivery service at a competitive price.

Going forward, CJ Logistics plans to widen the scope of this fulfillment cooperation with Cafe24, while gradually expanding the ‘Guaranteed delivery’ service to various general e-commerce and specialized stores so that more sellers and consumers can benefit from the service.

According to Shin Young-soo, CEO of CJ Logistics' Delivery and e-Commerce Division, “With our advanced automation technology-based convergent fulfillment system, we are going to provide a one-stop logistics solution that can help sellers focus on product sourcing and marketing, in addition to providing a series of specialized delivery services, starting with the ‘guaranteed delivery’ service. We are dedicated to earning the trust of our consumers by offering two very important values, namely ‘delivery speed’ and ‘delivery reliability’.”

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