CJ Logistics to expand its tailored health check-up for its courier drivers … to create a healthier

- 60 different check-up criteria … in addition to a follow-up featuring ‘in-depth health check-up’ and ‘health counseling service’
- ‘Health check-up center visits’ added to the existing ‘door-to-door health check-up service’

택배기사들이 택배 서브터미널에서 건강검진을 받고 있다.
▶ Courier drivers getting a health check-up at the parcel sub-terminal.

CJ Logistics has added additional health check-up options to its tailored program to encourage the self-employed courier drivers to actively tend to their health. CJ Logistics announced on the 19th that it will be expanding the scope of its ‘2030 tailored health check-up program’ with added features, including a ‘door-to-door health check-up service’ and ‘health check-up center visits’ for the self-employed courier drivers.

More than 20,000 courier drivers can now receive a comprehensive health check-up each year, which includes 60 different check-up criteria, from diabetes/kidney disease, liver fibrosis, to liver function exam. The check-up, which is provided free of charge through the tailored health check-up program, is offered at logistics sub-terminals where professional medical organizations come to provide the service, leading to increased convenience.

A follow-up management system based on the results of the check-up is available as well. CJ Logistics offers a free-of-charge, in-depth health check-up for drivers who are classified as high-risk groups. A health counseling service by specialized medical staff is also provided free of charge, which is designed to offer counseling on general health as well as on preventing musculoskeletal diseases and cerebrovascular diseases.

Starting this year, ‘health check-up center visits’ will be added to the existing ‘door-to-door health check-up service’ so that the courier drivers who are unable to enjoy the benefits of the ‘door-to-door health check-up service,’ for personal reasons, can visit health check-up centers at their convenience. The company will also be providing a day-off allowance for those drivers who wish to take a day off to visit health check-up centers.

According to a CJ Logistics official, “We are providing various welfare benefits for self-employed courier drivers, from tuition support for their children, perks for weddings and childbirth, to health check-ups and health counseling. We plan to continuously expand this list of welfare perks and working conditions so that the courier drivers can continue to offer the best delivery service to our customers.”

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