CJ Logistics and OnStyle to offer the industrys first Sunday delivery service (Sunday O-NE)


▶ CJ OnStyle will be collaborating with CJ Logistics to launch the industry's first Sunday delivery service, SundayO-NE, as well as specialized delivery services, such as GuaranteedTomorrowO-NE and SameDayO-NE, with the goal of offering a better convenience and shopping experience for customers.

New special delivery services, including Sunday, next-day, and same-day delivery services, are to be launched with the opening of the new logistics center in Gunpo.

CJ OnStyle will begin the industry’s first Sunday delivery service called SundayO-NE in line with the opening of a new logistics center in Gunpo. The company hopes to expand its special delivery options including its next-day and same-day delivery services, namely GuaranteedTomorrowO-NE and SameDayO-NE, to improve the customer experience with enhanced shopping convenience.

The Gunpo logistics center is expected to play a central role in CJ OnStyle's new business strategy, named One Platform, by upgrading the customer purchasing experience. Its strategic location in the Gyeonggi Province, with high accessibility to Seoul and the metropolitan area, enables specialized delivery services, with a handling capacity of up to 30,000 packages per day for specialized delivery, which is a 43% increase compared to the previous capacity.

Gunpo Logistics Center is to be run exclusively for beauty and health functional food products … and is expected “to play a crucial role in improving customer shopping experience.”

The Gunpo logistics center has a total floor area of 10,000 square meters and can store approximately 360,000 boxes. It will be run as a logistics center that is to be dedicated exclusively to beauty and health functional food products. Fashion and lifestyle products will continue to be processed at the integrated logistics center located in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province. Utilizing the two locations is expected to help effectively dualize the operations. The Gunpo logistics center has been equipped with enhanced infrastructure, such as two-tier pallets, lightweight racks, and automated packaging machines, to improve space and product delivery efficiency.

The logistics capabilities are not all that have been strengthened. CJ OnStyle is expanding its delivery support policies for partner companies as well. The company will be offering support for indirect costs to partners in charge of 'Center Delivery' products, which is where CJ OnStyle directly delivers to customers. Additionally, convenience and efficiency are being increased through the elimination of any need for logistics center intake barcodes and labels. For small and medium-sized businesses with limited logistics infrastructure, the company will also be providing product storage space for a designated duration.

Moreover, CJ OnStyle will collaborate with CJ Logistics to enhance the synergy between the two companies through the specialized delivery services that are provided by the new courier brand O-NE, launched in April by CJ Logistics.

CJ OnStyle will also expand the coverage of its GuaranteedTomorrowO-NE service, through which customers are able to receive the products they have ordered the next day. This service was previously limited to around 15 broadcasts per month on TV shopping; with the expanded coverage, this number will significantly increase 9-fold to approximately 140 broadcasts. The GuaranteedTomorrowO-NE service, based on around 1,500 core products, including its Private Brand (PB) products, is available nationwide, with the exception of Jeju Island, remote islands, and mountainous regions.

The opening of the Gunpo Logistics Center marks the industry’s first Sunday delivery service, where orders placed on Saturdays are delivered on Sundays.

CJ OnStyle will also be offering SameDayO-NE for Seoul and major metropolitan areas. Customers who place orders via home shopping channels before 10:30 AM can now get their orders delivered on the same day. CJ OnStyle was the first in the industry to introduce same-day delivery services back in 2015.

According to Gu Cheon-Hwan, CJ OnStyle's Head of SCM Planning, "The company plans to gradually expand the areas covered by its specialized delivery services in the future for greater customer satisfaction. The industry's first Sunday delivery will help the company build its delivery competitiveness not only in the TV shopping sector but also in the e-commerce market."

CJ OnStyle held a completion ceremony for the Gunpo logistics center on the 14th (Thursday), which was attended by key executives including Yoon Sang-Hyun, CEO of CJ OnStyle.


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