CJ Logistics becomes the only logistics company to take part in the Ukraine restoration efforts


▶ Attendees at the Korea-Ukraine Reconstruction Cooperation Forum in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, held on the 13th and 14th of last month. (From the 7th person on the left: Kang Byoung-Gu, CEO of CJ Logistics Global Unit - Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President of Ukraine - Won Hee-Ryong, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

The only logistics company to become a member of the ‘Ukraine Reconstruction Cooperation Delegation’...to meet in Kyiv to discuss various restoration plans.

CJ Logistics will be actively participating in Ukraine's reconstruction efforts. The company has become the only logistics company to take part in the reconstruction project, establishing networks with government officials, including the Ministry for the Restoration of Ukraine.

Led by Won Hee-Ryong, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, ‘One Team Korea’ to commence restoration efforts around 6 key projects.

CJ Logistics announced on the 17th that Kang Byoung-Gu, CEO of its Global Unit, attended the 'Korea-Ukraine Reconstruction Cooperation Forum' held in Kyiv between the 13th and 14th as part of the 'Ukraine Reconstruction Cooperation Delegation (One Team Korea)' and met with local officials, including President Zelenskyy, to discuss various angles of restoration. The Ukraine Reconstruction Cooperation Delegation (One Team Korea) is led by Minister Won Hee-Ryong of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport, and its members include 18 public and private organizations, with CJ Logistics being the only logistics company among them.

During the two-day discussion on combining restoration efforts, Ukraine government officials, including President Zelenskyy, reportedly urged CEO Kang to “provide substantial support for Ukraine to leverage its geographical advantage as a gateway to Europe and transform into a central hub for railway and port transportation.”

Cooperation on the development of an inland dry port in the Lutsk region in northwestern Ukraine, capable of handling more than 5 million tons of cargo.

As a result of the discussions, CJ Logistics signed an MOU with JJ Group, an investment company involved in Ukraine's reconstruction project. The MOU outlines cooperation for the development of an inland dry port in the Lutsk region of Ukraine that will be capable of handling more than 5 million tons of cargo. JJ Group is a private holding company formed primarily by Ukraine's Sokrat Investment Group.

Situated in the basin of the Styr River in the northwestern part of Ukraine, Lutsk is a city considered as a key hub for railway and overland transportation. CJ Logistics and JJ Group have plans to support the transportation of food resources, such as grains and edible oils, through a large-scale inland port that can connect maritime and railway transportation. Ukraine is one of the world's largest grain producers, but due to the war, its major export routes have been restricted, leading to a deteriorating economic situation in Ukraine and also global food security concerns.

Significant expansion expected in project logistics businesses as a result of the reconstruction of critical living infrastructure.

In addition, CJ Logistics will be expanding its project logistics business, which entails the transportation of related equipment and construction materials, in accordance with the agreement between the Korean delegation and the Ukrainian government to pursue the ‘6 key projects,’ namely the restoration of major transportation facilities, such as roads, railways, airports, the reconstruction of the Kakhovka Dam, and the restoration of key infrastructure including water supply and sewage systems. The company also has plans to strengthen its collaboration with other companies participating in the reconstruction project.

Moreover, CJ Logistics anticipates continuing with discussions for a potential logistics business partnership with the Ukrainian national post in the medium to long term, with goals set to prepare for exporting K-beauty and K-fashion to the Ukrainian market.

CJ Logistics plans to actively pursue Ukraine's reconstruction project through its overseas subsidiaries, CJ ICM, based in Dubai and Turkey, as well as its office in Poland, established earlier this year. Incorporated in 2017, CJ ICM is a joint venture that was established in partnership with EBRACOM, the leading heavy cargo logistics company in the Middle East, with CJ holding a 51% stake. CJ ICM has built a network spanning 19 countries across three continents, including the Middle East, Europe, and the CIS (former Soviet Union countries). With extensive experience in heavy cargo project logistics, the company has optimized expertise in large-scale infrastructure-focused reconstruction projects.

CEO Kang of CJ Logistics’ Global Unit expressed his gratitude saying, “We are grateful to the government officials who gaved their full support to Korean companies' participation in Ukraine's reconstruction project through the joint public-private initiative ‘One Team Korea.’ We are committed to doing our best to restore the critical logistics infrastructure to ensure stability for the Ukrainian people and the improvement of the economic situation."


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