Come See All the Highest Class Korean Racers in One Spot at Jeonnam GT


▶ A Super 6000 Class vehicle leaves the starting line at 2022 Jeonnam GT.

2023 Jeonnam GT to be held at the Korea International Circuit in Yeongnam-gun, Jeollanam-do, between the 23rd (Saturday) and 24th (Sunday).

2023 Jeonnam GT (Grand Touring), the largest motorsports festival in Korea, returns once again. Jeonnam GT will take place at the Korea International Circuit (KIC) located in Yeongam-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 23rd and 24th of this month. The event will be held for the full course (1 lap = 5.615km) instead of the permanent course (1 lap = 3.045km), just like last year.

Covers a wide range of classes, from Jeonnam Naegu, Prototype, Sports Bike 400, and Super 6000, the highest racing class in Korea.

Jeollanam-do hosts the Jeonnam GT annually, for the purpose of utilizing KIC, the only international-grade circuit in the country, promoting motorsports, and developing an automotive culture. Celebrating its 7th anniversary this year, the Jeonnam GT has included the Super 6000 Class, the highest class in Korea, since 2018 to maintain its status as a top-tier tournament. This tradition continues this year as well, featuring Super 6000, the main competition of the 2023 CJ Logistics Super Race Championship, as well as Jeonnam Naegu (the race where the car covering the greatest distance in 120 minutes wins), Sports Bike 400, and Sports Prototype.

Super 6000, often considered the dream stage for professional drivers, will comprise 6 rounds of the Super Race series. Currently, there is no significant difference in points between the top-ranked drivers, Lee Chan-Jun (ECSTA Racing), Kim Jae-Hyun (Nexen-Bolgas Motorsports), Lee Chang-Wook (ECSTA Racing), and Jung Ui-Cheol (Nexen-Bolgas Motorsports), so this race is expected to be a crucial juncture in the season towards determining the final champion. The drivers are under high pressure as failing to show their full potential in the Tournament could mean falling behind in the championship rally.

In addition to Super 6000, Jeonnam Naegu, Sports Prototype, and Sports Bike 400 are set to offer another layer of excitement for the spectators. Jeonnam Naegu, in particular, will include scenes that can only be seen in longer races, as this is a type of race in which the vehicle that covers the greatest distance in 120 minutes wins, which also involves mandatory pit stops for refueling, tire changes, and driver swaps. Another element to watch for is the side-by-side racing of mass-production-turned-GT vehicles and race prototype vehicles.

Free admission to all spectators … the only chance to watch Super 6000 for free.

Admission to the 2023 Jeonnam GT, which offers such a diverse range of classes for spectators, will be free of charge. The tournament is the only one of its kind where motorsports fans can watch Super 6000 for free during the season. Scheduled to be held on the 23rd (Saturday) are the preliminaries for Super 6000, Jeonnam Naegu, and Sports Bike 400, along with the finals for Sports Prototype. On the 24th (Sunday), the finals for the remaining classes are set to take place. More details about the tournament are available on the official Jeonnam GT website ( and the Super Race website.


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