CJ Logistics Awarded the Grand Prize in Port Safety, Credited to Smart Safety Technology


▶ Kim Kwan-soo, Head of CJ Logistics’ Port Business Team (right), receives the Grand Prize at the 'Korea Port Safety Awards' ceremony from Choi Jong-wook, Director of Port Operations at the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

CJ Logistics, a leader in innovative technology, has received external recognition for its safe facilities and working environments.

First Recipient of the Port Safety Grand Prize… Acknowledged for Advancing Accident Prevention

CJ Logistics announced on the 10th that it received the Grand Prize (Minister of Oceans and Fisheries Award) at the '1st Korea Port Safety Awards'. The Korea Port Safety Awards, initiated by the Korea Port Logistics Association, recognizes companies and individuals contributing to accident prevention in port stevedoring. The importance of port safety has been highlighted with the implementation of the Severe Accident Punishment Act and the Port Safety Special Act, leading to the establishment of these awards this year.

Effective 'Limit Switch,' 'Smart Airbag'… Key in Heavy Equipment and Heavy Cargo Ports

CJ Logistics, the recipient of the Grand Prize, was highly commended for its various advanced technologies, including the 'Limit Switch' (an automatic stop switch in case of danger) and safety vests incorporating airbags. The key is proactively identifying and mitigating on-site hazards and establishing a foundation for initial response.

In busy port logistics sites with heavy machinery like cranes and continuous cargo movement, it's challenging for workers to detect surrounding dangers. To address this, CJ Logistics installed limit switches and photoelectric sensors on Continuous Ship Unloaders (CSU) for transporting coal. These sensors detect the presence and distance of workers, causing the unloader to gradually stop, even without the operator applying brakes, if it approaches workers. If the risk of collision is within 5 meters, it starts decelerating, and it automatically stops if it comes within 3 meters.

The 'Smart Airbag' looks like a regular life vest but is equipped with an accelerometer that detects changes in the worker's position and speed. If a worker unexpectedly falls, the vest inflates in 0.2 seconds to mitigate the impact of the fall. On-site workers also wear body cams to monitor their work positions and report emergencies to the control room in real-time.

Virtual Reality for Experiencing High-Risk Situations… Obtained Domestic and International Safety Certifications

Virtual Reality (VR) technology is used for accident prevention training. Participants wearing VR headsets experience situations like entrapment or fire or indirectly feel the sensation of falling while walking on a simulator.

Choi Kap-ju, Head of CJ Logistics P&D Group, stated, “This award results from our efforts to create a safe and healthy working environment in ports for our employees and site workers. We will continue to push for 'safety-first management,' where systematic management and internalizing individual safety awareness occur simultaneously.”

CJ Logistics has successively obtained safety-related certifications from government and public institutions. It has secured its trustworthiness in worker safety by acquiring the ISO45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems) certificate from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), as well as KOSHA-MS (Occupational Safety and Health Management System) and Safety Zone-Certification (Space Safety Certification).

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