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TES is the core competence of CJ Logistics, which is a leader in global logistics innovation.

TES Story

TES is the core competence of CJ Logistics, which is a leader in global logistics innovation.

System & Solution

The world’s most advanced logistics IT systems allow CJ Logistics to deliver
high standard warehouse management, forwarding, customs clearance, transportation & delivery
and parcel services. A Single Visibility Service supports predictable and stable
“End-to-End” total logistics solutions throughout the supply chain.

IT Service

  • Customs
  • Manpower management
  • Inbound & outbound
  • RT location data
  • Inventory
  • Picking
  • Cartonization
  • Address
  • Parcel
  • EAT
    Arrival Time)
  • B/L data
  • Sea & Air
  • Sea & air
  • Seaport
    & airport
  • Customs
  • Inland
  • Receipt
    & Storage
  • Transportation
  • Receipt
    & Storage
  • Delivery
  • Retail
  • Hub & sub
  • Home
  • End

Precisely Tailored Services

CJ Logistics offers industry-specific and optimized logistics solutions through a wide selection of platforms.
Industry-specific solutions
Foods, pharmaceuticals, Apparels and Retail-distribution
Foods, pharmaceuticals, Apparels and Retail-distribution
  • Expiration date/ Production LOT/ Specialized logistics service with physical properties of Cold Chain
  • Automatic classification service(DAS, DPS, PAS)
Manufacturing, Electric & Electronics
Manufacturing, Electric & Electronics
  • Inventory management by serial numbers, Traceability services of stored and released goods
  • Logistics control service by product grades; Falty(Defective), Indefective, Returned, Remained
Hazardous material transportation
Hazardous material transportation
  • Control services of stored and released goods based on laws of dangerous goods
  • Traceability services by manufacturing batch / Monitoring service
Auto Shipping
Auto Shipping
  • JIT(JUST IN TIME) parts delivery service
  • Specific additional service in automobile industry(ranks, kitting, packing)
  • Car unloading / Yard operation and Pre delivery inspection service
Platform Services
e-Commerce platform
e-Commerce platform
  • B2C, Global Cross Border operation service
  • Various promotional support and supply of standardized I/F
Mobile platform
Mobile platform
  • Mobile visibility service including analysis of operational statistics
  • Chatbot service in an app for customers in delivery service
Corporate stores, merchant shipping (Brand Outlet)
Corporate stores, merchant shipping (Brand Outlet)
  • Stock movement between franchises
  • Acceptance after confirmation that there are no defective goods(Department store tagging)
  • Baggage delivery service
  • Operation of hub, sub, and exclusive delivery transports in metropolitan areas
Open Logistics Platform  (HELLO)
Open Logistics Platform  (HELLO)
  • Automatic matching service between shippers and car owners
  • More than 50,000 affiliated vehicles will be secured by 2020

Value Added Services

CJ Logistics offers monitoring & control and customized IT solutions
as well as other value-added services.
  • Integration VISIBILITY Services

    • IoT-based warehouse in/outbound control and inventory management
    • Real-time traffic flow-powered transportation management
    • Sensor-based location data, Real-time temperature & humidity data
    • A real-time control preparing for dysfunction of logistics equipment
  • Customer contact services with Artificial Intelligence

    • Online chat-bot and virtual personal assistant service for responding to customer inquiries in real time
    • Machine Learning-powered automated claim handling

Visibility Service

MCC (Monitoring & Control Center)

  • Logistics operation indicators and visibility systems for the current state

Global Visibility

  • Real-time freight tracking and freight route confirmation service

Chatbot & Visible ARS


  • An automated response solution based on Artificial Intelligence that responds quickly to customers’ inquiries

Visible ARS

  • Intuitive and convenient services that visualizes ARS

If you leave a business inquiry, CJ Logistics specialist will contact you.

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