CJ Logistics will create a transparent and sharing culture through ethical management.

Ethical Management Structure

CJ Logistics

CJ Group is working hard to carry out ethical and fair business by enacting its code of conduct in April 2020 which provides all executives
and employees with specific directions and principles of desirable behavior in accordance with CJ Management Philosophy.

  • Our Commitment to Customers
    We provide our customers with ONLYONE products and services ethically and honestly
    and protect their personal information.
  • Our Commitment to Shareholders and Investors
    We strictly comply with disclosure policy and manage insider information. In addition,
    we strictly comply with the company's data protection policy and protect the company's confidential information.
  • Our commitment to Fellow CJ employees
    We create a healthy and safe working environment and seek a proper balance
    between respect for colleagues and protection of privacy.
  • Our commitment to Fellow players in the market 
    We establish a sound trading order by competing fairly with our competitors
    and create a win-win industrial system by trading fairly with our business partners.
  • Our commitment to the global community
    We respect human rights and protect the environment to realize social values,
    while respecting the order of international transactions
    and complying with relevant laws and regulations.
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The Code of Conduct was established with the support of all CJ employees and the approval of the Board of Directors. The Code of Conduct may be amended to keep up with changes in CJ’s values and management philosophy, internal standards, domestic and foreignpolicies and regulations.

Any amendment to the Code of Conduct will be made available to all employees and stakeholders.

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