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2022. 09. 16

Now that e-Commerce has become a trend, 'fulfillment' no longer be an unfamiliar term. Fulfillment, which means "order process performed for a customer," is a logistics solution in which the logistics center handles all the processes until placed products are delivered to a customer. The e-Commerce market, which has grown significantly in the digital environment, is leaping into the era of e-Commerce 3.0 when customers expect to better lifestyles and fulfill their needs. Fulfillment is developing into a faster and more accurate logistics service to meet more satisfaction by customers with a higher standard and more diverse needs.


CJ Logistics’ Smart Fulfillment Center, a unique distribution center designed with cutting-edge technologies.

CJ Logistics’ Smart Fulfillment Center

CJ Logistics’ Smart Fulfillment Center is a place where the present and future of fulfillment are concentrated. The customized fulfillment service for e-Commerce sellers is developed to provide an automated logistics tailored for each customer's specific needs of storage and delivery management solution, which also shares in real-time.

CJ Logistics’ Smart Fulfillment Center is equipped with automated and unmanned systems based on cutting-edge technologies such as Digital Twin to efficiently operate storage and picking processing and AGV that run warehousing on the smart floor. In addition, the Smart Fulfillment Center presents the One-Stop solution for the data-driven seven-step processes from warehousing to shipping so that we can provide complete management along with time and cost savings for our customers. In order to handle as much as possible with limited space and input, various storage policies are designed to flexibly maximize storage and turnover to ensure maximum shipments.

The key to smart fulfillment is 'customer satisfaction'

"We keep in mind that the fundamental purpose of building a process that saves time and money but adds value to our customers with solutions that meet their needs."

Nam Ki Soo, who was in charge of developing the CJ Logistics’ Smart Fulfillment Center, said he planned to aim the center to respond most effectively and quickly to the needs of e-Commerce sellers in the fast-changing e-Commerce market.

The key to designing the Smart Fulfillment Center is to combine operational capabilities with automation technologies to improve operational efficiency and provide more flexibility to respond quickly to changes. Therefore, automation is a must. To develop the One-Stop solution in the limited space, time, and manpower of a distribution center, the introduction of robots and facilities is necessary.

Nam Ki Soo said, "We planned to construct the center to provide the best solution to strengthening services such as picking carts, AGV (Automated Guided Vehicles), smart packaging, and weight checkers, which is an unmanned inspection system."

People don't move. Now robots are working.

The biggest feature of the Smart Fulfillment Center is the changes in the logistics process. AGV has completely changed the logistics process. Before the introduction of AGV, people had to go to products to pick up. However, people no longer need to move in the Smart Fulfillment Center. AGV brings the product directly to the workers, and they only need to leave it in the picking box in place. And then, the box is transferred by AGV for the final inspection. These changes have increased productivity by 55% over traditional processes.

Automation and unmanned operations were carried out throughout the logistics process, except for the parts where workers pick up the products themselves. From the moment the product arrives, all processes operate on One-Stop basis with robots and advanced automation facilities. The box recommendation system and a case erector automatically make a box based on the data of the product converted by DWS (Dimensioning, Weighing, Scanning) system. And the boxes go under inspection through the weight checker, which leads 99% of inspection accuracy. Smart packaging robots automatically insert buffers, which are made by eco-friendly materials, and attach waybills. These technologies lead logistics innovation to the center to incorporate automation and eco-friendliness.


Cho Joo Hyung, director of CJ Logistics' Smart Fulfillment Center, said "We are working hard to improve our services so that customers can experience customized services such as daily storage management and rapid delivery at the Smart Fulfillment Center."

Create a more convenient world through innovative logistics.

CJ Logistics’ innovation technology will evolve further in the future. We optimize logistics operations by simulating Digital Twin Technology, AI, and big data. We design future logistics where the system can optimize itself and maximize logistics efficiency. In a rapidly changing market, CJ Logistics continues to innovate with a higher level of logistics service so that e-Commerce sellers can secure logistics competitiveness and their consumers can benefit from their daily lives.

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