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2023. 06. 19

As the world evolves in complexity, so do customer needs, growing more varied by the day. Attentive businesses, acutely attuned to these needs, are pulling out all the stops to provide their finest products and ensure client satisfaction. Reflecting the unique characteristics of individual products, logistics require equally distinctive services, tailored to the specific attributes of each industry and product.

CJ Logistics is at the forefront of this industry, providing 'contract logistics' services, meticulously customized to align with the individual needs of each business and product. Our services, bolstered by revolutionary logistics technologies and advanced automated systems at each stage from storage to transportation, leverage extensive industry-specific expertise. Among our diverse offerings, 'pharmaceutical logistics' shines as a prime example, where our innovative logistics capabilities are clearly demonstrated, requiring the most precise and detailed management. We proudly present the specialized knowledge CJ Logistics brings to pharmaceutical logistics - our bespoke solutions for pharmaceuticals, facilitated by a dedicated logistics system, cutting-edge technology exclusively for pharmaceuticals, and stringent temperature management.

Pharmaceutical Logistics


The term 'pharmaceutical' encompasses the entire life cycle of pharmaceuticals, from research and development to manufacturing, processing, storage, and distribution. 'Pharmaceutical logistics' refers to all logistics processes related to pharmaceuticals, from storage and categorization to delivery to hospitals, pharmacies, and wholesalers. There has been a significant surge in interest in pharmaceutical logistics over recent years, as not only has the management of pharmaceutical distribution been globally tightened due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but individual perceptions of hygiene have also markedly evolved.

Pharmaceuticals are intrinsically linked to health and, therefore, necessitate rigorous quality control. CJ Logistics is at the helm of delivering on this necessity, offering bespoke solutions for each pharmaceutical product through a dedicated pharmaceutical logistics system, the latest dedicated pharmaceutical technology, and precise temperature management. We provide swift and accurate delivery services via an extensive logistics infrastructure, connecting various parts of the nation. Moreover, we ensure that the quality of pharmaceuticals is maintained at optimal levels throughout the entire storage and delivery process.

'Dedicated Pharmaceutical Delivery' Based on Rigorous Quality Control

'Dedicated Pharmaceutical Delivery' Based on Rigorous Quality Control

CJ Logistics offers all-encompassing logistics services, covering everything from customs clearance to storage, classification at logistics centers, and delivery to various stakeholders including wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, and even release operations. Given the stringent quality control measures required throughout the storage and delivery phases in pharmaceutical logistics, CJ Logistics has established a 'Specialized Pharmaceutical Logistics System' which adheres to the Korean Good Supply Practice (KGSP)'. We deploy specialized staff within our centers to ensure meticulous management, along with dedicated pharmaceutical transportation vehicles that maintain appropriate temperatures during storage and delivery, guaranteeing safe transportation. Additionally, we run a dedicated customer service center, providing swift and thorough services.

'Pharmaceutical-Specific System' Empowered by Blockchain Technology

'Pharmaceutical-Specific System' Empowered by Blockchain Technology

CJ Logistics has pioneered the 'PLS (Pharmacy Logistics System)', a first-of-its-kind pharmaceutical-exclusive system integrating blockchain technology into the pharmaceutical logistics management process. By employing blockchain technology, we can effectively eliminate potential data tampering or hacking risks that may arise during the pharmaceutical distribution phase. We also synchronize logistics data, including import/release, storage, delivery, and other related data, with our PLS. This not only regulates the temperature within delivery vehicles but also provides real-time information about the temperature and location of the delivery vehicles, consequently enhancing the reliability of our logistics quality.

'Regulated Temperature Delivery' Achieved through Real-time Temperature Monitoring

'Regulated Temperature Delivery' Achieved through Real-time Temperature Monitoring

Considering the significance of maintaining strict temperature control for pharmaceuticals, we adhere to 'regulated temperature delivery' throughout the entire distribution process. 'Regulated temperature delivery' implies delivering products while sustaining the temperature in accordance with the 'Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Quality Control Regulations' stipulated by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. CJ Logistics harnesses the power of IoT-based 'Cool Guardian System' to monitor the temperature at logistics centers in real time. We take rigorous steps to manage temperature, such as validating the temperature difference inside and outside the vehicle cargo compartment (validation) and verifying the performance of the thermometer (calibration).


From the precision of temperature control to real-time monitoring systems, advanced automated facilities, and integrated logistics solutions, CJ Logistics stands as the premier partner for pharmaceutical logistics. Stay tuned to our contract logistics services, which deliver increasingly sophisticated and bespoke solutions across various industrial sectors, ensuring satisfaction for both businesses and consumers.

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