CJ Logistics Acquired CEIV Pharma Air Cargo Certification

- Awarded the 'CEIV Pharma' Certification by the International Air Transport Association... Our Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Services Secure Global Acclaim.
- Incorporated Advanced Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Systems... Proudly Managing a Pharmaceutical Facility of 6,000 m² within the Incheon Airport Logistics Complex.
- Proudly Serving Over 70 Pharmaceutical Firms Domestically and Internationally... Poised for Greater Success in Landing Major Global Contracts.

CJ대한통운, ‘278조’ 글로벌 의약품 물류 시장에 도전장 … 의약품 항공운송 인증 획득
▶ At the CJ Logistics headquarters in Jongno-gu, Seoul, Jang Young-ho, Chief of CJ Logistics' IFS division (to the right), and Kim Baek-jae, Director of IATA's Korea branch, proudly display the CEIV Pharma certification, marking a momentous occasion.

Innovative tech company CJ Logistics has now secured the distinguished 'CEIV Pharma' certification, an international testament to their prowess in air transporting pharmaceutical products. This achievement amplifies their dedication to capturing a significant share of the global pharmaceutical logistics landscape, reinforcing their ambition to broaden and internationalize their pharmaceutical logistics endeavors.

The 'CEIV Pharma' certification, a globally recognized seal from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), is a testament to CJ Logistics’ commitment to maintaining unparalleled standards in air cargo transportation of pharmaceuticals. Announced on the 26th, this certification underscores the company's meticulous temperature regulation, deployment of specialized personnel, and unwavering adherence to over 280 stringent international criteria throughout the transportation trajectory.

Given the intricate temperature specifications of pharmaceuticals, an uncompromising 'cold chain' system ensures consistently optimal temperatures—whether ambient, refrigerated, or frozen—is paramount. Any missteps can have profound health implications, necessitating a more meticulous approach than standard cargo. This exigency precisely emphasizes the vitality of such globally endorsed certifications for logistics providers in the pharmaceutical domain.

Moreover, possessing the CEIV Pharma credential enhances CJ Logistics' strategic positioning, boosting their potential to secure future high-profile pharmaceutical logistics contracts and service opportunities. 

Harnessing their cutting-edge 'Cool Guardian' temperature management system, CJ Logistics offers seamless real-time oversight of indoor temperature and humidity metrics, guaranteeing efficient and steadfast storage conditions for pharmaceuticals with varying needs.

Highlighting its expansive infrastructure, CJ Logistics has inaugurated a sprawling 5,800 m² pharmaceutical-dedicated logistics hub within Incheon Airport's prestigious second cargo precinct. This facility is created to curtail undue exposure to temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals. Building on an illustrious legacy spanning over two decades in pharmaceutical logistics, CJ Logistics continues its service excellence to an impressive roster of over 70 global pharmaceutical firms. Presently, they operate a network of 12 KGSP-compliant pharmaceutical hubs across the nation and oversee a fleet of more than 200 pharmaceutical-specialized vehicles.

Recognizing the burgeoning potential, CJ Logistics aims to transcend domestic borders and make significant inroads into the global pharmaceutical logistics sector. With the pharmaceutical air cargo sector registering a robust 6% annual average growth over the previous decade, industry forecasts from the Straits Research suggest a surging market value, anticipated to touch a staggering $195.8 billion (equivalent to 278 trillion KRW) by 2030.

Reflecting on this landmark achievement, Jang Young-ho, Chief of CJ Logistics' IFS (International Freight Solution) division, remarked, "This prestigious certification signifies our pharmaceutical cold chain services' global recognition in quality and reliability. It undoubtedly positions us more competitively as we spearhead our innovative pharmaceutical logistics initiatives on the world stage."

*IFS: International Freight Solution

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