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Become One of the World’s Top 5 Logistics Companies by 2020


  • 3Warehouses

  • 56Vehicles

CJ Logistics myanmar  estabilished joint venture with myanmar government(Road transportation)in 2015  and now try to expend our business to be The NO1, Total logistics company in myanmar by 2020 year.

  • 2018Extend business through New warehouse construction(12,000sqm) & Vehicle investment (40 trucks)
  • 2015First business operations in Myanmar with the establishment of a subsidiary in Yangon(ivest 56 tuck/ warehouse 4,300SQM)


CJ Logistics runs for the global logistics market leadership. CJ Logistics challenges for the World's No.1 service provider over being best in Korea.

CJ Logistics MYANMAR
Yangon Haulage Branch Compound, Road Transport, Lower Mingalardon Road, Danyin Gone Ward, Insein Township,Yangon Myanmar.

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