Business CJ Logistics' 3PL Solutions in Response to the Volatile e-Commerce Logistics
2023. 08. 24


CJ Logistics’ contract logistics offers optimal solutions tailored to specific sectors, including CPG, Pharmaceuticals, and Fashion & Beauty, via targeted logistics consulting and refined services.

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CJ Logistics’ e-Commerce services are designed for the e-Commerce landscape, spanning five core industries, offering a comprehensive ‘One Stop’ suite from product storage to fulfillment, delivery, and inventory oversight. Employing a team of dedicated professionals and leveraging systematic logistics management, CJ Logistics is steadfast in its mission to streamline e-Commerce processes for businesses and end-users.

As projected by NASDAQ, e-Commerce is poised to dominate, accounting for a staggering 95% of total retail sales by 2040. With a clear shift towards the convenience of e-Commerce deliveries, understanding consumers' evolving and nuanced demands becomes paramount. Grasping the distinct attributes of myriad products stands central to our e-Commerce logistics ethos.

Businesses that opt for in-house deliveries or lean too heavily on non-specialized personnel risk errors and overlooked sales opportunities due to lapses in customer service. Anticipating this, CJ Logistics harnesses the power of AI and big data, preemptively capturing consumer trends and showcasing e-Commerce logistics solutions honed by top-tier process systems.

'IT Interface' Integrated with Customer Systems

In the competitive e-Commerce logistics market, having an agile and robust system has shifted from being optional to essential. Recognizing the variability tied to campaigns and seasons, CJ Logistics has developed an advanced logistics infrastructure that works seamlessly with customer platforms, enhancing operational convenience. Our proprietary WMS (Warehouse Management System) seamlessly integrates with customer systems, removing redundant data tasks. By connecting with a vast array of real-time platforms, we've refined logistics from intake to delivery, encompassing returns and comprehensive customer support. Moreover, our specialized O-NE delivery service ensures timely and accurate deliveries, enhancing overall customer satisfaction. 


Advanced 'Automated Systems' at the Forefront
At CJ Logistics, our innovative commitment is evident in our state-of-the-art automated systems, driving unparalleled efficiency and productivity. Key to our approach is the AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle), tailored to meet the demands of expanding customer volumes, and the AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot), designed for autonomous navigation along optimal routes. Our system portfolio also boasts precision instruments that can capture and digitize product dimensions with a single scan and weighing inspection devices with an astounding 99.99% accuracy. Our operations seamlessly blend every phase through cutting-edge automation, from receiving to dispatch. A hallmark of our approach is the smart packaging technology, which recommends the ideal box size and ensures environmentally friendly packaging, minimizing waste and maximizing customer satisfaction. With the expertise of CJ Logistics' seasoned professionals and our sophisticated automated systems, we're positioned to provide unparalleled delivery solutions, always with an eye toward future advancements.

CJ Logistics' bespoke e-Commerce solutions are crafted to mirror the ever-evolving e-Commerce market and cater to nuanced customer preferences. Anticipate continued innovations from CJ Logistics as we confidently manage contract logistics through our expansive infrastructure and optimized network solutions.


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